Fallout New Vegas 101 : Hoover Dam

Hello everyone, my name is Nilsor and welcome to my vault Today on Fallout New Vegas 101 we are going to Hoover Dam The hydroelectric powerplant of Hoover Dam was built on the Colorado River between 1931 and 1936 It was at the time the biggest structure of this type in the world with a height of 1232 feet (376m) a length of 1244 feet (379m) and a width of 660 feet (200m) at its base 45 feet at its top (14m) It was able to produce up to 4.2 billions Killowatt hour per year which was enough before the Great War to provide for about 2 million households Considering the state of electrical installation in 2281 the Dam should be more than enough to provide for the entire Republic During the Sino-American war that took place between 2066 and 2077 chinese spies tried to destroyed a secret lab inside the Dam but ultimately failed During the Great War the Dam managed to stay up eventhough it sustained heavy damage In 2274 NCR scoots rediscovered the Dam which alerted Mr House in New Vegas He quickly send a dispatch of both his securitrons and representatives of the 3 families of New Vegas to greet the NCR soldiers There they concluded the New Vegas Treaty which stipulated that 95% of its power output will be sent to the Republic and 5% to the Strip The NCR repaired the Dam and made its turbines worked once again In 2277 Caesar’s Legion also discovered the Dam Troops Led by Malpais Legate later known as Joshua Grahams took over the installation during the First Battle of Hoover Dam but were repelled after having been driven into a trap at Boulder City by NCR rangers Since then Caesar’s Legion established itself on the other side of the Colorado River and is gathering its troops for the Second Battle of Hoover Dam This tense situation is at the heart of the power struggle in the Mojave with both NCR and Caesar’s Legion at eachother throats and Mr House securitrons getting ready to take advantage of the outcome Inside the facility you will see some NCR troops in charge of defending it and numerous civilian contractors in charge of keeping the power plant up and running The top of the facility is composed of A visitor Center 4 towers and 4 intake towers 2 of each located in the NCR side and Legion side of the Dam There is also a checkpoint to mark the frontier between the 2 factions You can acess the inside of the facility through escalators and stairs inside the towers There the facility is composed of A large office space The 4 power plants And some hallways underneath to connect those power plants Inside the Town you will come accross Colonel Cassandra Moore the NCR officer commanding the troops at Hoover Dam In the army since she was 16 Moore climbed the ladder of command and resentfully left her Rangers camarades after having been injured Prefering straightforward to diplomatic and cunning approach it is no wonder she’s a strong support towards President Kimball and his plan for securing NCR presence in the Mojave You can find her on the Dam Office floor Quatermaster Bardon he is the one in charge of managing the NCR supplies at the Dam Coming from a proud military family he has recently been assigned at the facility You will be able to trade with him with a speech check of 50 or if you’re reputation with NCR is good enough He is located on the lower level of the Dam Office floor You can find a snowglobe inside the Visitor center that you can exchange for 2000 caps to Mr House You can find 2 chinese stealth armor that adds 5 to sneak on the office floor They were presumably worn by the spies that tried to blow up the Dam during the Sino-American war There is no quest that are directly given at Hoover Dam However the main quest will lead you here and will require of you different things depending on which faction you decide to side with All of these quests will be detailed in separate videos focusing on each path and all its related quests On the next video we will stop at the REPCONN Headquarters And after that we will go to the Crimson Caravan Company Thank you for watching, and see you later

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  1. These videos are great, and very under appreciated. I bet if the game was newer these videos would have over 100,000 views each. Keep going!

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