Fallout New Vegas 101 : [Main Quest] – Second Battle of Hoover Dam – NCR/House/Yes Man

Hello everyone, my name is Nilsor and welcome to my vault Today on Fallout New Vegas 101 we are going to participate to the Second battle of Hoover Dam by siding with either the NCR, Mr House or Yes Man for an Independent New Vegas Before accepting the final quest you will have the possibility to wait and do other side quests since you won’t be able to come back to the Mojave after the battle has begun Each side is going to have some specific objectives Yes Man and House will need you to plant a chip inside the Dam and reactivate its turbines in order for them to send its electricity to there new army of securitrons The NCR will need you to fight off the legion troops And all will need you to go the the Legion camp on the east side of the Dam and defeat Legate Lanius who is leading the charge Various help will come during the battle depending on the options you took during the game Boomers’ artillery and airforce will bombard the Dam If you convinced Arcade Gannon, the Enclave Remnants will come give you a hand Two Brotherhood of Steel paladins will help inside the dam The Great Khans will fight against the Legion And some first Aid boxes coming from the Followers of the Apocalypse will be scattered throughout the battlefield When you start the Battle by siding with the NCR you will be talking with general Oliver when the Legion attacks He will order you to go defend the facility First head east into the power plant number 4 There, you will obtain the optionnal part of the quest that asks you to flush the Legion soldiers through the turbines To do so follow this path to the power plant number 3 Then to this console here and pass a science check of 65 Now you will need to turn the valve to activate the flushing Go back to power plant number 4 and follow this route to the valve Then turn it to complete the optionnal objective Now return to power plant number 3 Continue making your way inside the dam through the power plant number 2 and 1 Then follow this route to access the visitor center Exit the building Where you are now is where those that are siding for Mr House or Yes Man will also start the battle If you sided with either of them and are hostile towards the NCR you can still complete the quest but It will be harder for you since you will have to battle both the Legion and the Republic at the same time Now, you are going to have to make your way to this tower if you are with House or Yes Man Or to this shack if you are with the NCR Several NCR soldiers will be battling Legionnairies on the way and Legion reinforcement will appear here and there NCR snipers will be located on top of the towers Inside the shack you can activate this very hard locked computer to make a generator explode to kill some legionnaries Exit the shack to appear on the east side of the dam If you are inside the tower To plant the chip for House or Yes Man follow this path to the control center At its entrance 2 NCR soldiers will ask you to go away You can either kill them to pass through but that will make every NCR soldiers hostile towards you Or you can pass a speech check of 75 to make them go away Plant the chip on the console Mr House will redirect the electricity to the securitron army Yes Man will give you the choice to also do that or to render the Dam inoperable, making it useless for the NCR If you chose to activate the robot army you will then have to activate a manual override switch by following this path If you decided to destroy the Dam folow this path then hit the switch to blow everything up Be aware that doing so will make the nearby NCR troops turn hostile on you Now you can go outside on the east side of the Dam through here Once outside you will have to make your way to the Legion camp by defeating various soldiers appearing at these locations If you are with the NCR a soldier will come up to you and ask you your orders for deployement between having a squad with you or having snipers helping you out Once at the camp you will have to clear it of Legion soldiers before confronting Legate Lanius himself To defeat him you will have several way You can convince him that the Legion might be able to conquer the West but won’t be able to hold it because it is too big by passing a series of Speech or Barter check with the last ones being at 100 These two checks will make him flee You can also simply fight him If you have passed this specific speech checks you can convince him to do a duel with just the two of you instead of the normal fight against him and some of his soldiers Once Lanius has been disposed go back to the camp entrance General Oliver will blow up the gate and talk to you If you are with the NCR, it will complete the game If you are siding with Mr House you can convince him to surrender by passing a speech check of 100 convince him that House can run the Dam better than the Republic with a science check of 100 or promise that House will agree to protect the caravan routes with a barter check of 100 If you are siding with Yes Man you can convince him to go away with a speech check of 100 or with a speech check of 85 by reminding him that you have other allies including the Boomers who will be more than happy to fly west to test there bombers You can have the securitrons throw Oliver off the Dam You can also decide to kill the NCR soldiers In any case the Yes Man or Mr House securitron will roll up and talk to you to complete the game The endings will vary upon who won the Second battle If the Securitron army was upgraded or not And the Courrier’s karma If the NCR won the Mojave in its entirety finally fell under the banner of the Republic The courrier whose role was essential in this conquest was decorated by the Golden Branch the highest civilian decoration The honors are greatfully given if your karma is good or neutral If it is evil, they are given with a bit of reluctance If Mr House won both NCR and the Legion are booted out of the Mojave and House maintain his authority over the Strip with New Vegas continuing being a beacon of glory in the middle of the Mojave desert If the courrier has a good Karma Mr House will make some efforts to ensure a stable and secure New Vegas for future generations If it is neutral Mr House will simply assure the city’s stability keeping the freedom of its citizens under watch And if your karma is evil Mr House will ruthlessly maintain a complete control over New Vegas and everyone in it In any case the courrier will profit from every luxury at his disposal in the Lucky 38 And finally if you decided for an Independent New Vegas If the securitrons weren’t upgraded chaos rose after the Legion and the NCR were drove out of the Mojave Anarchy ruled the streets for a certain period before things settled down with New Vegas still holding its position as an independent power If you’ve upgraded the securitrons the chaos that rose in the streets after the battle was quickly calmed down There was a minimal loss of life and New Vegas still came out as an independent power to be reckonned with The courrier karma influence how the people perceive its reasonning behind the choice of independence If your karma is good it is seen as being because of the ideals the courrier puts into the idea of being an independent nation If neutral it is seen as being because the courrier wanted to avoid the best and worst of both the Legion and the NCR And if evil it is perceived as being because the courrier supports the chaos that comes with independence In any case the courrier is always perceived as being the one to be grateful for the removal of Mr House from power as well as being reponsible for driving away the Legion and the Republic On the next video we will see the Second Battle of Hoover Dam from the Legion perspective

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  1. I really want to side with Mr. House, but I can't bring myself to do it since he asks me to kill my brethren of the BoS

  2. Now that I think about it, Nilsor hasn't even touched upon the DLC content of New Vegas!

  3. Nilsor… Nilsor never changes. In the beginning he uploaded great tutorials and lore videos, with a mild French accent. Now he uses his own music and has significantly upgraded the quality of his already amazing videos, but beneath the cover he's still the same. Because Nilsor… Nilsor never changes

  4. Thanks for these vids. I get to the dam, but that's as far as I get. My game bugs out and freezes up and I have to restart. I play on X box 360. I don't think there's anymore fixes for it. Anyways, thanks for you're videos!

  5. Is it Possible to go back to the Mojave after the finial quest if you have one or more DLCs?

  6. +nilsor's vault How do u get to side with the Ncr im a noob and i don't know what to do?

  7. Can you enlist the help of other factions such as the Powder Gangers,the Fiends exetera?

  8. I found the best way to kill the legions commander in his camp is to just attack him when the two Ranger commandos appear and attack him. He doesn't seem as strong when you do it this way. When you initiate dialogue and then fight, he seems tougher and has more troops with him.

  9. For those who are wondering, yes, the Great Khans will help the NCR if you make Regis the new leader of the group.

  10. Damn well done video. Hard to structure something with so many variables and have it make sense without having to struggle

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