100 thoughts on “False Tsunami Warning Causes Panic After Hawaii Scare

  1. Next time when they do test like if they were testing tsunami they shoudent say ny they should say tsunami in Kansas they should match the disaster up with a place it can’t happen

  2. I was there in Hawaii and I cried I was terrified they need to step it up and stop making us scared for no reason what’s next? Hurricane in Florida or maybe volcano explosion hmm I wonder

  3. Lol , my phone says its a landslide when its a storm and im like , i dont care , ill just hide in the bathroom

  4. Wow.Everytime My mom get a tornado warning my sister freaks out and I think she is just thinking stupid.

  5. Um hey this is random buuuut I never knew that guy is the guy with the voice, if you know what I mean…

  6. Why would they put kid in the swear if the water will go every were

  7. I love how when they showed the alert on a “phone” in a city in the usa. the carrier in the top left hand corner was a canadian carrier company “Bell”. 0:01

  8. On the very same day, I was just sitting in my house while everybody evacuated, I live in New York

  9. I live in New York and never got this alert on my phone and only heard about this now lol

  10. Unless the Canary island collapse chance of Tsunami hit Easter seaboard not just NYC unlikely

  11. Wouldnt it be funny if next time this happens no one listens and thousands die due to them not thinking its real
    Haha comedy

  12. I just looked at my phone and was like. Eh. I don’t care it’s most likely fake.

  13. Bro i bet the dude who sent the false missile forget to include in his resume that he sent a false alert of a ballistic missile heading towards Hawaii.
    And then he thought it would be funny to do it again, with a different disaster :]

  14. I live in the United States of America New York is in our country what if we have a tsunami God please save also if it's fake sill save ur self it might be real

  15. Why do the fake alert people believe but the real ones they don’t believe

  16. i have a funny story about that one time i was watching TV and then my phone said there was gonna be a flash flood but there was no rain and it was summer

  17. Yesterday I ducking watched a video of what would happen is NY hit hit by a tsunami it would hit the whole east coast and I’m here in PA thinking I will die

  18. Before Missile from Hawaii now Tsunami from America Next Meteor will hit China

  19. I didn't see the date that this was posted, and I told my dad that there was a tsunami. We freaked out, and then I saw the date. Phew

  20. I live on the East Coast and I have my Alert off so if this did happen I would've seen a huge wave and be like huh weird

  21. Omg what if the government is doing a bunch of false alarms then triggers a real disaster and the no one believes it and it kills a bunch of people

  22. I swear the god it’s gonna actually be real and no one is gonna take it seriously

  23. Wait we got a message about a tsunami? I live on Long Island and I didn’t hear it lmao.

  24. I just realised that android Hawaiians were not alerted, Guess they need a warning system or siren XD

  25. Well, my country has a Tsunami and its 16000km away, the alarm is just 16K km away and half a year early.

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