Family Elevates Home to Protect It

We are elevating our home because September 21, 2009 we had a pretty devastating flood here. Everything’s completely torn apart. We had to go down to; we had to tear all of the drywall out, all the insulation, all the floors. The cabinets, tile… all of that had to come out. We love this home very much; it’s a great home for our family. We don’t want to leave. We want to make it a safer place to live in terms of the flooding. So we’re going to elevate it; we’re having it actually lifted up and then we’re putting a foundation and dropping it back down on to the foundation. If it were to flood here again, it’s just going to flow under the house. The water will come in under the house and then flow back out. We just had a meeting with our whole team, getting everyone together. So we now have our general contractor, we’ve got the structural engineer, the civil engineer, the architect, the electrician was there, and of course the home lifter. What we’ll be doing is putting steel beams though the house running front to back this way. And two big steel beams underneath those, running this way. And it will be on a hydraulic jack. Eight lifts that are all connected. And we’ll lift it all at one time. It’s cheaper than rebuilding a house. The first thing everybody looks at is “let’s take it down” and do it from scratch. In this case, when we ran the numbers, it’s a lesser cost. And that’s really the only two things you can compare. FEMA helped me a lot with the whole process and telling me what my options were… like getting an SBA loan… which is a wonderful option. It’s a low-interest loan and I didn’t even realize that the SBA did loans like that. And it’s enabling us to do this mitigation against future flood loss. It’s peace of mind and safety over anything else, for sure. I want the peace of mind to know that my children, my family, that we’re going to be ok. But now that we’re moving toward repair I’m hopeful and I feel really, really good that we’re going to elevate the home.

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