Family of 7 flees to roof in Overland Park flood

A FAMILY RESCUED FROM THE ROOF OF THEIR HOME. NOW TONIGHT – THEY’RE GETTING A FIRST LOOK AT THE DAMAGE FLOODING LEFT BEHIND. NEW AT 10 – 41 ACTION NEWS REPORTER ARIEL ROTHFIELD TAKES THROUGH IT — AS THEY FACE THE DAMAGE INSIDE. Ariel Rothfield/ 41 Action News Less than a month ago the family put in new cabinets. They had plans to redo the other side of the kitchen but now they’re either going to have to redo the entire home or find a new place to live Emiliano Yepez-Martinez knows what a difference a couple of hours can make Emiliano Yepez-Martinez sigh, hands on hips this is one bedroom for my son His home in disarray Emiliano Yepez-Martinez All of this is completely full with water Floors caked in thick, wet mud His furniture destroyed Emiliano Yepez-Martinez This is my bedroom. The bathroom. And where there’s not sludge Emiliano Yepez-Martinez door opens all of this There are watermarks- Reminders of how this family escaped floodwaters rushing inside Emiliano Yepez-Martinez We took this way to use this ladder For eight hours they waited Stranded on top of their roof- with their pet dogs, too Hoping for the best Emiliano Yepez-Martinez For my house and for my family, for us. As water from the Creek behind their home continued to swirl into their yard With his business’s landscaping and mowing equipment now damaged Yepez-Martinez hopes to now find a way to get back to work And clean up his home Emiliano Yepez-Martinez I didn’t check the weather, I didn’t see the news. And now And avoid this from happening again In Overland Park Ariel Rothfield 41 Action News OVERLAND PARK FIREFIGHTERS DID NOT RESCUE THE FAMILY IMMEDIATELY — DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS.

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