21 thoughts on “Fans celebrate, fireworks light up Kansas City as the Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV

  1. Knew it baby lol I said yo maybe 49ers will win but so sorry imma go for the chiefs !! So let’s see underdogs tend to prove it baby 50 years so let’s see

  2. I'm from KCMO right on Linwood and Gillham Rd I miss going to Buzzard Beach, Chubbys to eat late nights, diner would be full….man I know my neighborhood getting off!!!!!

  3. I'm from the UK and have never been a big American Football fan, but I'm currently laid up in bed after an operation so switched on the Super Bowl for the want of nothing better to watch. I started watching in the 4th quarter when the Chiefs were down 20-10 with about 5 mins left. I had to cheer for the underdog and I went onto watch a brilliant few minutes of unforgettable sport and you made me forget my pain. Congrats to Kansas City you were brilliant!!!! I doubt i'll ever be the biggest American Football fan, but the Chiefs definitely have one more supporter.

  4. Keep in mind this is probably a newer generation of Cheifs fans witnessing their team win it all for the first time because the last time they won was SO long ago.

  5. lost my grandma in December to cancer she was a huge Kansas fan. she would have loved to be here! HOW ABOUT THEM CHIEFS!!!!!!

  6. I'm so happy for Kansas City. Congratulations from Seattle! You guys deserved this. Your coach, your team, and your fans. Great job KS. Stay safe!!

  7. After 50 years! Yep there going to the year that city apart 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. From a Die-Hard Green Bay Packers fan- Congrats KC!! You Deserved this more than anyone this year. Happy for Chiefs Kingdom.

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