Far Cry 1: Walkthrough – Dam [Level 19] (Realistic Mode) 4K UHD – 60FPS MAX Settings

Jack Carver: What… happened? Jack: Where am I…? Jack: I’ve got to get out of here! Jack: That must be the way out! Jack: Aaaah… at last! Harland Doyle: I couldn’t get to the radio, Jack. Are you ok? Jack: Well… I’m lost on a jungle island infested with mutants, Jack: but other than that, I’m doing great! How are YOU? Doyle: Yea yea, I get the idea why’asks… but at least you’re alive. Doyle: Jack, you have to get out of that area right now! Doyle: The best way out is straight to the fortified walls. Doyle: The good news, is that it’s not far from where you’re standing. Doyle: It looks like the trigens from the research area, are loose all over the island… Doyle: You want to be very careful from here on in. Jack: DOYLE! My arm is turning green! Doyle: Sounds like you caught the bug… Jack: I thought I took the antidote! Doyle: The antidote should have been able to handle it, Doyle: but a containment leak could have saturated the air with mutigen. Doyle: That’s what happened to Krieger. Jack: Krieger’s infected? Doyle: He developed an agent to keep it from spreading, he’s still on a treatment. Doyle: I’m sure he’s got it with him… Jack: I’ll see if I can talk him into a sample. Doyle: Ask nicely! I wouldn’t say he’s completely human… Doyle: Jack, you’re heading for Krieger’s central offices. Doyle: They are located on the edge of the volcano. Doyle: Looks like he’s been keeping it from erupting, by using some sort of massive stabilizer… Doyle: That’s where you’ll find him, and Val hopefully… Jack: It’s time to END this! Doyle: I’m on my way there as well. Don’t worry, this is almost over my friend… Doyle: Krieger’s offices should be near you. Doyle: I’ve just docked, and I’m making my way up there now. Jack: I’ll see you there Doyle! Doyle: You can COUNT on it…!

15 thoughts on “Far Cry 1: Walkthrough – Dam [Level 19] (Realistic Mode) 4K UHD – 60FPS MAX Settings

  1. Very clever move that by throwing rocks u were distracting the trigens.Loved the video.Waiting for the next video.

  2. on 2:01, Doyle says, "wiseass", not "why' asks". The captions did a pretty good job as this game didn't have any subtitles. Very sophisticated work, my man. 😊

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