11 thoughts on “Farmers can’t afford water from Teemburra Dam

  1. no amout of "caring" will change anything. We need military action against western traitors. why are we so god damn weak? So cucked. fuck this world.

  2. More dangerous idiotic Lefty policies. The same type of Lefty stupidity that caused the bushfires. Utter madness.

  3. You European people have to realize that you are being conquer by Marxist ideologues. Only Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the European population need to save the planet. You need to do to your politicians, what the Romanians did to theirs. Round them up, stand them all in front of a wall and open fire !! That's the only way to treat treasonous politicians ✌☻☻

  4. There is a SOLUTION for all water that Australians farmers do need:
    without even a SINGLE drop of water from river, underground or lake…hell even rainwater!

  5. This how they operate they (govt) make it either too expensive to maintain or boost the prices to the point where no on can afford it then the say we are selling to a "Private Company/Foreign Corporation" to manage it for us all. We have all seen them do this with infrastructure and state assets across the country. These assets do not belong to them they belong to the people the are selling them off to foreign interests without the consent of the people who own them. You and I could not do this , If I were for example to sell my neighbours house that way I'd go to jail. They are doing the same thing with assets paid for out of Australians Tax Dollars. They are "All" criminals and traitors to their nation. They should be locked up no excuses no exceptions. Make Australia Free Again

  6. Did you know that the Australian government implementing the UN rules and regulations agenda 21/30 along with the policies of mass immigration into Australia the UN believes that they should control the resources of Australia and Europe they believe they are to be the new world government and the new World Order dissolving government and implementing their laws and their recommendations that are being implemented by your own government of Australia so when people like these people asked you about the real people you have a choice you have government done away with in Australia and only have a minute later from the un or you have real people real Australians standing up there where in Parliament putting the Australian people first

  7. Taxes have to be taken and lives made miserable and expensive to fund all the globalist and feminist projects.

  8. Sorry Senator Roberts, but I have no more sympathy for farmers. Everyone knows that farmers and people living in rural areas are the ones who are constantly voting for National Party candidates. If farmers and people in rural areas don't know by now that they have been screwed over after countless decades of abuse and failure by the candidates they keep re-electing, then they seriously are STUPID, and they deserve what they get. Maybe, if they are that stupid, then someone else should be working the land..

  9. Malcom go you good thing finally someone has the balls to stand up and do something this government and the government’s before them are Murderous treacherous thieving lying sell out bastards and you have to go backright back to the great men of the 40s like curtain and Chifley
    Australia has been gone since these two great men left politics
    We the people are sovereign the government is not stand up now people or we are truly gone

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