I used to be scared of a lot of things… And I still am. Just kidding. I think most of the things I’ve been afraid
of in my life are pretty normal. I used to be scared of the dark, I still kinda
have a fear of spiders, and of course I’m scared that soon I’ll be forgotten, so everything
I do might be meaningless. I’m also afraid of heights. I think. Like ok, you know that feeling you get when
you’re at the top of a building and you look down and your whole stomach goes “OOOOH
NOOO” well that’s your body telling you to be afraid, and careful, and also maybe
hey! Pst! *smack* Get down from there. Stop it. Well I think some wires got crossed in my
brain because the first time I felt my stomach do that I was like. *power down sound* Oh… Well that’s interesting. Whenever I’d go to the mall I’d make it
a point to walk near the railings on the second floor, and look over the edge to see if I
could get my tummy to do the thing, and it would be like… Hehe, it did the thing. But now I don’t really get that feeling
unless I’m REALLY high up. Which is a shame, going to the mall used to
be like riding a roller coaster, and now it’s like… going shopping. Gross. I think the Mall of America has a roller coaster
in it, but that’s in Minnesota, so I can’t go because I’m afraid of… spending all
of my money on plane tickets. I’ve never been afraid to fly though because
you’re more likely to get hurt while driving, and I do that all the time! Besides, when the plane takes off you feel
like you’re in a racecar, *engine noise* you get free snacks, *chomp* and when you
hit turbulence your tummy does the thing. *turbulence* Weee! But I am scared of small spaces. I think. Like ok, my old house had a linen closet,
with built-in shelves. But when the door shut, there was still a
little space in there, and when I was like 10, I was small enough to eh, just, uh, squeeze…*click*
in. You’d think that would trigger all the claustrophobia,
but since I could open the door, it wasn’t scary. But then one time um I showed my sister that
I could fit in there and um she held the door shut until I cried and begged her to let me
out, and then um, she laughed at me for crying. Luckily, most fears seem to fade as you get
older, but sometimes the opposite can happen! So that’s fun. As a teEEen I was never afraid of needles
or blood, and I was kind of proud of that. I was like, “I’m not afraid of needles
or blood, and I’m kinda proud of that!” BUT THEN, it turns out that tHinGs ChAngE,
which, side note: who thought that was a good idea? And now when I get my blood drawn or even
think about needles my skin starts to crawl and my hands get real weak. And look, they’re not too strong to begin
with, so how exactly do you expect me to hold on to this orange juice, The Red Cross? I know I got the good blood, and I want to
save lives too, but you’ve been calling me like a jealous vampire ex-girlfriend for
the past three months, and it’s got me so worked up that I’m not even sure if that
last line makes sense. Do… vampires get jealous? “I vanted to suck your blood! But not anymore.” A lot of people are scared of earthquakes,
which is fair, ‘cause they destroy buildings and trigger tsunamis. But I’ve been in enough small ones where
nothing happened that I think I’ve learned to have the exact wrong reaction when the
ground starts shaking. Weee! I’m also not afraid of elevators like some
people, ‘cause like planes they’re really safe, but one time I was in an elevator during
an earthquake and the doors got stuck for a bit. I thought we were gonna be trapped for longer,
and that was kind of scary. But then the doors popped open and I was like
*ding* I’VE LEARNED NOTHING! I wonder what other not-scary things you can
combine to make a scary thing. I’m not afraid of cats or dogs, but the
show cat-dog kept me up as a kid… How do they poop? A car with… legs would be pretty terrifying,
but that doesn’t exist… yet… It’s probably no surprise that the thing
I’ve been most afraid of in my life is horror movies. They’re designed to scare you, and as a
kid I would get wrapped up in the lore and completely believe everything the movie said. All the other kids are like, “haha, ooo! Spooky!” and I’m sittin’ there taking
notes, like “So you can contact your dead wife with a tape recorder, but demons will
haunt and kill you. Fascinating.” And I’m not gonna lie, after watching a
horror movie, when the house is real dark, the rest of the family is asleep, and there’s
a gentle creek in the hallway, my heart still does a little drum fill. *drums* But at least now that I’m grown
up I know it’s probably just a clown, and they only want to see you smile… *squeak*
Forever. Haha! Two videos in two days. That’s gotta be some kinda record! Also, I have exciting news! My friend Coco Bean just started a channel,
and she’s already made a ton of really good videos. She’s the one who voiced the jealous vampire. Anyway, I was in her newest video, so go check
that out, and consider subscribing. I know she would really appreciate it. Ok bye!

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  1. Hi TimTom, what can you advise me to do to start an animation channel? I subbed btw

  2. when i was younger i saw FNAF 4 for the first time and it scared me for quite a while

  3. XHello , want to start 2020 with good vibes lets all get our subs off the roof ,lets all sub to eachothers account and level up d'or 2020 ??? 3,2,1….go

  4. The closet space is the same thing as me I could fit in it and close it and then open it, then my brother pushed the door till I cryed.?

  5. Your lucky, my brain will be telling me to jump off from that high place while the other organs in my body are just confused to why my brain would've thought of such a thing

  6. Why does this video sound as if Dipper Pines had recorded it in some Journal?

  7. Tim tom : this video contains material intended for those above the age of 13

    * 13year old me: he probably meant 13 and above

  8. I’m terrified of heights and my feet do this thing where they tingle and get so sweaty to the point where I sLiP aNd sLiDe

  9. Dang. Timtom is a legend! How many youtubers do you see to upload so often and make the video not 10 minutes long? Very few. You a legend timtom

  10. if my sister held the door shut with me in the closet, id just say: oh okay, i guess this is my life now.

  11. Guys this is really important!

    The video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

  12. i hate those glass bubble walk in things in aquariums (i feel like they will break and i will die)

  13. I didn’t know I related to TimTom so much first we both lived in Boise second the needle thing

  14. I have a fear of being in locked rooms…
    Long story short got locked inside airplane bathroom while there was turbulence. This also means I hate elevators especially when I’m by myself.

  15. ah yes thank you for the recognition of mall of america. where are all my Minnesotans at??

  16. What? No! You should really go to Minnesota! I mean not anytime soon.. snow sucks.. go during the summer of you can

  17. I'm scared of nothing, absolutely nothing, not even physical pain or death.

    Not even god or ghosts cuz I'm athiest.

  18. “Well,that’s your body telling you to be afraid and carful and also: Hey! spst! Get down from there. sTop iT”

  19. Me an intellectual wondering why he puts that warning sign at the beginning of the video about the video mostly only being made for people over 13:

  20. no one can stop me cuz i can`t read.don`t ask me how i typed this ,yes i can read.i`m 12

  21. Video: Not suitable for children 13 and under
    Also video: childish filth that is meaninglessly filled with unfunny jokes and copies all other YouTubers in this genre
    Commenters: consists of nobody over the age of 8
    TimTom, amirite folks? Gnight everybody.

  22. I've just have a dream about pennywise I was eating cheese until it moves it turn into letters and I ask a. Guy in my dream and he said it was pennywise I went with him to the sewer he turn into a whale and. I wake up oh and new sub I'm afraid of bugs to have you heard about the 4 little girls story

  23. Go to west end mondo mall Canada enmodon it has a roller coaster a lot of roller coasters and a lot of water slides

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