Fed-up Boardman woman takes up flooding issue with county commissioners

area. One local woman says she’s had enough when it comes to the damage caused from heavy rains. TODAY — she took her strong message to Mahoning County Commissioners. 27 First News Anchor Stan Boney continues our severe weather coverage tonight. Two days after a wave of thunderstorms dumped four or five inches of rain on parts of Mahoning County..Bobbi Terwilliger of Boardman took her complaints to county commissioners… BOBBI TERWILLIGER: IT WAS UP TO MY CAR DOOR..THAT’S HOW FLOODED IT WAS..WHEN IT RAINED. But she said this isn’t the first time her Applewood neighborhood’s been flooded — far from it…. BOBBI TERWILLIGER: I HAVE SPENT $5-THOUSAND DOLLARS IN THE LAST YEAR ON DRAINAGE FOR MY BACKYARD..AND IT DOESN’T HELP..IT DOESN’T HELP. She then blamed all of the development taking place along Route-224..which shows no signs of stopping… BOBBI TERWILLIGER: STORM DRAINS ARE TOO SMALL..YOU KEEP BUILDING ALL THIS CRAP AND THE STORM DRAINS CAN’T TAKE IT. And while cleaup continues at places like the Boardman Plaza..the county’s Emergency Management Director is assessing the damage… DENNIS O’HARA: THIS IS GONNA TAKE SOME TIME..ITS GONNA TAKE ANOTHER FEW DAYS. Dennis O’Hara tells us teams like these will be collecting information on flooded homes and businesses..to see if the county meets state and federal disaster guidelines… DENNIS O’HARA: OUR BIG QUESTION IS INSURANCE..DO YOU HAVE FLOOD INSURANCE..HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE..IF YOU HAD A SEWER BACK-UP RIDER ON YOUR INSURANCE PLAN..THAT IS WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR. In the meantime..Terwilliger.. who wore a Teamsters Union shirt..says she’s grown tired of waiting for elected leaders to come up with a solution… BOBBI TERWILLIGER: AND I HAPPEN TO HAVE A PLATFORM WHERE I HAVE SEVERAL THOUSAND MAHONING COUNTY VOTERS AT MY DISPOSAL THAT I CAN SAY ‘HEY LOOK..MAYBE WE NEED TO START LOOKING AT PUTTING SOMEBODY ELSE IN OFFICE THAT’S GONNA DO SOMETHING. We’re told it could be weeks before we learn whether the county can receive a disaster declaration… As Jason mentioned conditions are expected to improve tomorrow. Make sure you download our FREE Storm Team 27 weather app. You can check current conditions, radar and the 7 day outlook. Now to a developing story from

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