Feedback Portal: Refining Your Area of Concern

If you would like to further refine your area
of concern, you can do so on the map, or you can skip this step by clicking on the “Continue”
button. You will only see this screen if your area of concern doesn’t cover an entire
state or the entire coastal study area. To locate your area of concern on the map,
you can enter an address in the “Enter address” field and click on the search button.
You also can click and drag the map with your mouse or use the zoom buttons to navigate
to the area. To highlight your area of concern, click on
the “Draw Area” button and hold down your mouse button while you draw the outline of
the area. Release your mouse button when done. To delete a selected area, hold down the Control
or Command button on your keyboard as you click on the area on the map.
To edit a selected area, double-click on the area and adjust the points, then double-click
on the area again to save your changes. Click on the “Continue” button when you’re

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