Feedback Portal: Viewing and Tracking Your Submittal

You can view and track your submittal through
the Portal too. Log in to the Portal, then click on the “View
My Submissions” button, which takes you to your submissions dashboard.
Basic information about your submittal (or submittals if you have submitted more than
one), including the status of each, is shown in the “My Submissions” section of the
dashboard. Click on a submission to see additional status
information in the “Status” section of the dashboard. To see more detailed information for a particular submission, click on the submission, then
click on the “Review Selection” button, which will take you to the submission summary
screen. You also can use the Portal to upload additional
data for a submission if requested by FEMA and comment on a resolution letter when it
is issued. You can perform these actions from the “Actions”
section of either the submissions dashboard or the submission summary screen.
If you want to perform an action on a submission from the submissions dashboard, you must first
click on the submission to select it. Then you can select the action you want to take
from the “Actions” section of dashboard. Note that Community officials will be able
to view all submittals that affect their community on their own community-specific dashboard
and take additional actions through the Portal. Per National Flood Insurance Program regulations
that govern the FIRM update process, all submittals must first be routed through local community
officials before FEMA can perform their review. The role of the community official is to review
information related to potential appeals and provide an opinion stating whether there is
sufficient scientific and/or technical information provided.

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