Feestje in de Loft (A’DAM Toren): The Sunset Club – Vlog ★ Het feestje van Iris

Hi dear party animals, my name is Iris huijkman and I am a festival vlogger! Thank you for watching and joing me today to another festival, to a location where I wanted to go for a long time: the Loft in Amsterdan. The loft is a location above amsterdam, where you can see the skyline of the city i am excited to see the sunset here today, there is a party named Sunset Club there. It’s a new concept, so i’m very curious about it they are collaborating with festimi, that’s a festival which often takes places at Sloterdijk. So am thrilled for today, and I hope you guys are too! If you like festival video’s like this, subscribe to my channel! because I make vlogs like this and need your support! But for now, have fun watching! I’m withe Veronique, the girl that also joined us to Thuishaven last time! We are excited! Now having some pre-drinks We ran to the bus and come there, too see that the bus already left early, so we missed him.. “oh your sandwiches”, “oh no!’ But again, we missed it! So we are going to wait 30 min for the next one at my house.. Because, where I live, the bus only comes once every half an hour.. We waited 30 minutes and are now at the busstop We’re here and we got our pre-drinks with us, so we’re ready! We’re in the train to Amsterdam Central station, and we have to go with a ferry to the north of Amsterdam really nice, but the trip is long.. Oh my god, what did you do? The whole bottle is on the ground or not? “yes almost…” We’re now at the back of Amsterdam Central station, and from here you can already see the loft. If you look at those big windows right here. We are now at the ferry, going to the other side. It’s just a few minutes, because we are close by. Nice! Here we go! I’m excited! But we are almost there already, so short.. We’re in the elevator. We skipt the part where the security checked us, by accident, because we came in another way? but we are on our way now! We’re at the Loft and the sunset is already starting! omg, you guys! Look at this, the view is incredible! The ferry was over here and this is just the view of Amsterdam at sunset soo cool! How cool is this, you can dance and see the sunset! And here is a blower, wait a sec.. I’m really speechless, this view! Veronique and I are on the toillet, but.. Look at this view! You can see whole Amsterdam! “nicest bathroom ever!” and we are going home! We are going home, through the dam Amsterda “the dam?” Wow, what’s it called again? “central!” oh haha.. And we are going home, through Amsterdam Central Station! Oke, we are now in Amsterdam North again, because we took the metro at the wrond side.. So we are now waiting for the metro to south. But we are lucky to have the last metro, so we can still get home! oke, when we got out of the bus, we saw that something has been blown up? The fireman are there, but it really stinks here. Glad we are going home now! We made some fries in the air-fryer, as usual! Yummy! unfortunately, party in the loft has come to an end. This party exceeded my expectations! I love sunsets and this was soo pretty! The view of Amsterdam, but you guys already noticed because of the amount of times I said ‘omg’ in this video But I really loved it and I can recommend this party to everyone! The music is somewhat like Thuishaven but the view is just really special. also the location is very small so you meet the same people over and over again there socializing with everyone, makes it a really cute small group of people who all get to know eachother! the only downside was, that the didn’t have any food on the menu? Except a banana or ice cream? but not anything more? Too bad, because the party starts at 3 and ends at 11 o’clock? And in the mean time, I have to eat? Liked this video? Give me a thumps up! because that helps me out a lot in this YouTube life! Curious about the pictures? of the loft? Check my Instagram, because I post all my festival photo’s on my Instagram @Irishuijkman! Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like festival video’s like this! Because i make these video’s and need your support! If you’re bored, you can also watch two other video’s of mine I’ll put them on the sides! And then I hope to see you back at my next festival vlog!

7 thoughts on “Feestje in de Loft (A’DAM Toren): The Sunset Club – Vlog ★ Het feestje van Iris

  1. wat zie je er weer mooi uit! 😍 lijkt me echt leuk om daar ook een keer heen te gaan. superleuke video schat!!

  2. Leuke vlog weer meid! Zag er zo gaaf uit in de Loft, ga er zeker een keer heen! 🔥

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