FEMA Accessible: CDC Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Hello, I’m Captain John Redd from the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and I would like to talk to you about
carbon monoxide, or “CO,” poisoning. After a disaster, your home may lose electric power. If this happens to you, remember: never use a generator inside your home, never use a charcoal or propane gas grill indoors, and never use a gas oven
to heat the inside of your home. These things release carbon monoxide,
which is a very dangerous gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste. Carbon monoxide can kill you, your family or your pets. Every year, more than 400 people
die from carbon monoxide poisoning. The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are: headache, dizziness, weakness,
upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. CO symptoms are often described as “flu-like.” If you breathe in a lot of CO,
it can make you pass out or kill you. People who are sleeping or have been
drinking alcohol can die from CO poisoning before they have symptoms. If you decide to use a generator, keep it outside and at least 20 feet away
from any window, door, or vent. Install a battery-operated or battery backup
carbon monoxide detector in your home. Check and replace the batteries
every 6 months when you change your clocks, and if you plan to use a generator
when severe weather is predicted. If it’s too cold or hot inside your home,
please stay with family, friends, or find an open shelter near you. For more information about carbon monoxide,
please visit our website at CDC.gov/co or call the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
at 800.232.4636. Thank you.

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