FEMA Accessible: Disaster Assistance in Your Community

Every disaster is different
and every survivor has different needs. That’s why it’s important to know the
types of assistance that are available so you can take the right steps
to take towards your recovery. If you need rescuing or have an emergency, call 911. Contact your state and county emergency management
agencies for resources in your community. In many states, calling 2-1-1 will provide
information about local services and voluntary agencies that are ready
to help you with immediate needs, like emergency shelter, food, water, and clothes. If you have homeowner or flood insurance,
contact your insurance provider and file a claim immediately. The faster you file, the better. Even if you have insurance, you may be eligible for other assistance. Register online at DisasterAssistance.gov to check your eligibility
for disaster assistance programs. Programs that may become available include: rental assistance and home repair from FEMA, disaster unemployment assistance, tax relief from the IRS, food assistance from the US Department of Agriculture, low interest loans from the Small Business Administration, and many more. You can also call the Disaster Assistance Helpline
at 800-621-3362 to apply for disaster assistance. TTY users can call 800-462-7585. Check and see if there’s an open Disaster
Recovery Center or DRC in your area, where you can talk to someone in person. Download the FEMA App to get a complete list
of open DRC locations or text ‘DRC’ and your zip code to 43362
to find the DRC nearest to you. Standard message and data rates may apply. After you apply, you may be referred to the
Small Business Administration to complete a low-interest disaster loan application. You can apply as an individual homeowner,
renter, or business. You do not need to accept a loan, but completing
this application is a necessary step to be considered for other forms of disaster assistance. Recovery can be a long process, but the sooner you connect
to resources in your community, the sooner you are on the road to recovery.

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