FEMA Accessible: Emergency Safety Tips PSA

It can be a scary and stressful time when
you find out on the local news or social media that a possible disaster may happen soon. We want to share some important safety tips
with you to help you prepare for the disaster. Please pay attention to any updates and
evacuation orders your local officials share with you. If they tell you to evacuate,
it is for your safety and your family’s safety. Plan ahead of time and know where your
evacuation routes are and where you can go to be safe. Download the FEMA app to see
where there are shelters near you. If there are high winds,
which are very strong and dangerous winds, you should find a storm shelter or a room
with no windows to protect you and your family. Prepare an emergency kit with supplies
to last you at least 3 days, and make sure to include
any medications and important documents, such as bank statements, social security cards,
and proof you own or rent your home. Having your emergency kit prepared before
a disaster helps to save time and reduces stress. Don’t forget to include
supplies and medications for your pets. Visit Ready.gov for a checklist of
how to pack an emergency kit. If you decide to stay where you are
or when you come back home after a disaster and you use a generator because your power is out,
please make sure you keep your generator outside, away from windows,
and at least 20 feet away from the house. This will help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Driving or walking through flooded areas
is extremely dangerous. Even if there’s only six inches of water,
it’s enough to move a car and put you in danger. If you see flood waters,
turn around – don’t drown! Remember, your safety and
your family’s safety is very important to us, so please follow these tips and stay safe!

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