FEMA and AARP Strengthen Partnership

We just signed an agreement with the
American Association of Retired People, AARP. And part of the reason
why we were so interested in becoming partners with this group is,
so many of our seniors are members and it’s a great way to get
information out. We know in disasters everybody needs to be ready, people
need to get information to be prepared. We also need to remember
that even when our seniors are impacted by disasters but they
often times are volunteers in responding first in your communities
So this is a partnership not only about being prepared for disasters,
but working together after disasters to ensure we’re empowering our
communities, particularly, making sure our seniors are empowered, both to
help their neighbors but also to impress their needs during those
types of events. So again, we did this memorandum of agreement, it’s
a partnership, it’s about building this team that we call the Whole of
Community, and with AARP, reaching our seniors will be a key part
of this agreement. Thank you. I’m Barry Rand, the CEO of AARP.
This agreement is very important to us because this gives us another way to
extend our helping hand to people under duress in disasters. We’ve got
thousands of volunteers that are ready to participate with FEMA. Our job is
to make sure that people have as fast a help, as good a help as possible,
and that’s what we are dedicated to doing. We’re very proud to be
partners with FEMA.

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