22 thoughts on “FEMA denies federal funding for Hawaii flood victims

  1. ha it that judge that think he is king of the land? payback is a b

  2. FEMA is supported by our TAXED income. Hawaii, like Puerto Rico and California, all expect the rest of us to pay for their choice of residence. They are heavy into burdening the rest of us when we all have enough to bare in our own states.

    Flood prone, fire prone, tornado prone, hurricane prone, and volcano prone locations are what they are. They aren't a secret. When people choose to live in these places and their insurance doesn't cover their loses, it's only their own fault and it's their responsibility for poor choices.

  3. Wait FEMA only helps people if theyre insured?! WTF sense is that?! If theyre insured, they dont really need your help, its uninsured people who really need help. Insured can rebuild, uninsured cant.

  4. Trump used up 200,000,000 on illegal Syrian strike, but can't spare a penny for his own people who need it? Seems suspicious to me

  5. FEMA Denied it, or did President David Dennison tell them to? Just like Puerto Rico – the old man prob thought Hawaii wasn't part of America..

  6. Thats good. This will help train them to be independent from the U.S. when the Kingdom is reestablished and the land given back to Hawaiians. Win win situation. Besides that, ill be staying in the mainland 👍 Aloha lol

  7. IGE is a horrible governor. How was he surprised? It’s written in English. Get him out of office

  8. Obama really screwed FEMA up. Give Trump time to fix that mistake to.

  9. That really sucks. They need help and after paying taxes told nope.

  10. Fema has camps to kill us there no good gillitens 2 in every camp f fema

  11. No shocker there. Geo-engineering/FEMA/The controllers of this world caused this tragedy. Just like the fires in California, and all the other man made disasters, why would they give money for something they caused? Create the problem, give the solution. Total control.

  12. FEMA is worthless. They did nothing for us after Hurricane Harvey.

  13. WTW??? 🤦🏾‍♀️Donald has spent millions traveling to play golf on air force 1 though

  14. HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE why would 50 % of the people NOT have homeowners insurance? or RENTER'S INSURANCE ? no excuse

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