FEMA DTS (Deployment Tracking System) Video Series: Taking Ownership of Your Account

(music playing) Welcome to the FEMA DTS Video Series: Taking Ownership of Your Account. All deployment orders now come through DTS. But to use the system, you must first activate your account. In this video, we’ll cover what to do when you receive your DTS Invitation message, changing your user name and password, what to do if you forget your username or password, and updating your contact methods. Let’s take a look at the system. FEMA’s Deployment Branch will send you a DTS invitation email. Click on the Activate Your Account link to open the Responder Portal. Then, click on the Continue button to verify your identity by entering your last name. Your last name must be entered in the same way it was originally entered into the old legacy ADD system. Names that include apostrophes or suffixes may take a couple of attempts to enter correctly. Finally, click continue and you’ll see a screen that enables you to customize your Username and Password. As you can see, the system assigns you a default user name which you may change. Enter and confirm your desired password following the Password Tips at the bottom of the form. Then click Continue. Now set your security question which you’ll need to reset your password if you forget it. Click continue and now you’ll need to enter your Preferred Contact Email Address and Phone Number. You can also designate whether you’d prefer notifications by text to this number. In the next section in this video, we’ll explain how to add and configure all of your contact preferences. Finally, enter your emergency contact information including a phone number and click Create Account. Your account is now active and you can set your contact methods, which allows you to control how you get notifications from DTS. You can receive a deployment order through your official government email, your personal email, by text, through an automated voice recording, or any combination of these contact methods. When you activate your account, you’ll receive an email at the address you entered containing a validation code. Pressing the Enter Code button will open a popup box where you can enter the validation code. Click Validate to confirm this contact method. Click the Add New button to register an additional email or phone number. Click Save, and again, you’ll be sent a code to validate this new contact method. Then check the Use for Deployment box to designate that this contact method will be used to notify you of any deployment requests. You can also scroll down to edit or add to your emergency contacts. (music playing) Thank you for watching. This video is just one in a series of training and support videos available for DTS. For additional assistance, please click the Other Information tile on the Responder Portal homepage, visit the official DTS YouTube channel, or email us at [email protected]

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