FEMA funding for natural disasters

AS TEXAS CONTINUES REBUILDING AFTER HURRICANE HARVEY…OVER THE WEEKEND,GOVERNOR ABBOTT TOOK A LOOK AT THE PROGRESS. TAKE VOTWO YEARS AFTER HARVEY MADE LANDFALL…THE GROUNDBREAKING OF A NEW FISHING PIER DESTROYED DURING THE STORM.GOVERNOR ABBOTT ALSO SIGNED TWO PIECES OF LEGISLATION…TO HELP SPEED UP THE RECOVERY PROCESS. 3 TAKE OTSAND IN THE WAKE OF DISASTROUS STORMS LIKE HARVEY, FEMA SAYS THERE IS A GAP BETWEEN HOW COMMUNITIES RECOVER FROM NATURAL DISASTERS. TO FIX IT–THE AGENCY IS CALLING ON FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS TO WORK TOGETHER TO BETTER PREPARE FOR THE NEXT BIG STORM. KETK’S WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT JESSI TURNURE REPORTS. 3 3 TAKE: PKGOUTCUE: STD DURATION:1:21″There’s a need. There’s a gap.”From floods and tornadoes in the Midwest…To hurricanes and earthquakes on the coast…When disasters strike…They devastate communities and cost taxpayers billions of dollars…The Federal Emergency Management Agency says…it wants to start spending more money BEFORE disaster strikes..”How can we do things differently so that we can focus our resources together to improve resilience in communities?” Michael Grimm is the assistant administrator for risk management. He says FEMA’s new National Mitigation Investment Strategy directs federal, state and local governments, and the private sector… to work together to come up with ways to prepare for disasters… Michael Grimm/FEMA communities of different capabilities can develop what they need.”The recommendations include building to disaster-resistant codes… collecting and sharing data like flood maps… and combining grants and loans to fund projects. FEMA says the strategy is also a way to make sure poorer, rural communities have as many resources as their wealthier, urban counterparts to prepare for, then recover from natural disasters. “That’s going to come out as communities work with their states and across different partnerships and identify the needs.”In the meantime… Grimm says citizens can also do their part to close another gap… “Too many Americans aren’t insured, particularly for flood.”Grimm calls insurance a relatively minor expense…that can speed recovery…after disaster strikes. In Washington I’m 3 3 3

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