FEMA Region IX Administrator Visits American Samoa

Gov. Tulafono: It gives me great pleasure at
this time to introduce our special guest in American Samoa today and perhaps for the
rest of the weekend and next week. We have here Ms. Nancy Ward, Region IX FEMA
regional administrator. Having been gone for a couple of weeks it’s really amazing return,
returning to the island and see the tremendous progress that has taken place. I
want to thank Mr. Tingman and the federal team and I want to thank the GAR. Nancy Ward: Thank you Governor and it’s an
honor to be seated with you here today, along with Ms. Langford and FEMA’s FCO Ken
Tingman to discuss the amazing work in progress that has been made over the month
and a half by the federal-territory partnership. Many of my FEMA folks and my federal
partners have said to me over these last many weeks that their time here has truly been an
honor to be able to help the American Samoan people and to see the resolve that
the American Samoan people have in trying to recover from such a devastating event. The
new tents are here. I was in Amanave this morning and I believe that as we speak
they’re being delivered there and work has begun to start to construct those new tents. I
think that once you see them you’ll be as pleased as we are that these tents go a long
way in providing some intermediate sheltering on people’s property prior to us being able to
start to do more permanent housing construction. And finally I’ve been extremely
impressed that after 46 days since this event, the amount of debris that has been cleared
and not only cleared out of the right of ways to allow ingress and egress of transportation but
that is gone. The community debris removal program that was established just recently has
just been a phenomenal effort and I have to say that in all my years of emergency
management, the U.S. mainland, Governor, can take a great deal of learning from your
leadership in removing the debris.

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