Luck: The oak over my Serial! Has a last bit even more´ll buy more… This is just too much I’ll get the bike. I found you! Joseph, St. 08.50. (Luck: Beauty.) Luck: Goodbye! Now I will relax a bit (News chopper) Unique images of…. Flooding that occurred in San fierro 1.200 People died A huge horror! We do not know far…. We will ask that they cover residents with sandbag under door. One day later… The where my pants ended up ? Let’s see how things are going at sea It’s too cold must have placed a coat. Good hope here where I live is good No choppy waves! Until it was a river This came, the more time is turning. I’ll run home! Goes from a time Runs it’s raining stones I on I think it will rain for a long time… EC rain does not stop all rivers and seas wiil start filling! I’ll think of something for me to prepare myself I put my coat 😉 Luck: hello Joseph, Luck you have to get out of there now! Luck: More why ? Joseph is a storm coming! Luck: WTF ? Explain better Hello!!! Answers you there ? It dropped the signal Drug’ll get a faster plane that can Can not see very well Luck: It will open it. Hell Go! Municipal guard the airport,I see that you have no expertise with aircraft Luck: Fuck Wait I Song Just me ? Pilot: Lost control! Maydey,Maydey! …. Luck: Nike look when the rain will stop ? Nike: Worst is to say that here is las vegas luck: Imagine there where I lived…. Nike: Look because no rain for ? Hehe Luck: Perhaps the end of world arrived! Nike: What are you talking about! The world does not end only with water. Luck: You’re right,well I´ll go home to get some rest Nike: You ‘re right reason, well I’ll go home that the end can is closer than you think! Luck: Goodbye! Nike: Beauty goodbye my god what’s going on I’ll put a song My god! Jeez fucking started the end of world! Waves on the streets! It’s cold noooooo Song The city is low water! Will the survivors there my god!!! Thirty minutes later LOOKING AT A CAVE! it should be long I remembered I have a gun with flashlight Anybody there ? Hello someone there ? I found a home! Here it is not flooded Who is it ? Luck: Hello! (joseph: luck you have to get out of there as fast as possible!) Luck: Not here’re too good! what happened ? Joseph: I went back to our city and you have no idea of what happened here! One more thing turns on the TV as saying that they’re falling meteor! Luck: What did you say meteor ? joseph: There luck goodbye I’m losing signal! luke: wait not yet off! Thankfully, the rain took a break. Does or just’re just beginning one car! maybe I’ll steal the owner died heavy direction fucking also has radio A as well but because they closed the bridge what’s that A few hours later…. drug fainted for a long time! I will get a foot on the road Failure! then time passed song GROVE STREET everything is ending O Fim


  1. Essa música que tocou na caverna é do modo separaty ways do resident evil 4

  2. 17:01 "meu deus será que tem alguém vivo" daí passa um avião sacana kkkk.. parabéns vídeo monstro

  3. Quando eu tinha 7 anos eu vi com o meu melhor amigo esse vídeo e eu queria achar denovo que nostalgia

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