Final Year Engineering Student Project Showcase

This is a really important day for the school and it’s certainly a very important day for the students. The final year project is a very significant piece of work, it represents a year’s worth of work. My name is Stephen Coulter and I’m studying a Bachelor of Electrical and Mechatronic Engineering. My final year project was a 2016 National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition. This year’s goal was autonomous robots in the hospital, so hospitals of the future. My name is Damon Smith and I’m studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My project is titled “A Network of Blimps” and this involves investigating the use of blimps to deploy mesh networking. These blimps are using helium filled balloons to gain lift. This project has a wide variety of applications. The application we’re investigating is using it to provide networking. They spend a lot of time learning calculus and mechanics and electrical circuits, but of course the final year project represents the outcome of all of that being integrated together and put towards the genuine engineering task of solving a particular problem.

48 thoughts on “Final Year Engineering Student Project Showcase

  1. sir, I am a electrical engineering student of final year and I want to creat my minor project so, sir plzz guide me what can I make who r very best and easy and cheap to make

  2. Student Attendance with Fingerprint Reader.
    where can i get the complete code for this project?
    plz guide me ,now i am 2nd year student in cse branch.

  3. I thought 0:37 is Sanic, looked that way in recommendations thumbnail.
    Won't be surprized if somebody actually makes it.

  4. please dears can help me to doing the projects like u….from Punam
    If yes the you reply me or send your Mali id

  5. Anndd I'm a network security major and making a smart traffic light as my fyp in my university ._.

  6. And I have to write a thesis for optimization of a manufacturing process with the use of machine learning.

  7. Can you recommend any title relate in MCU for my final project?

  8. IAM a FINAL YEAR EEE student please guide me for doing my project

  9. Some interesting ones there but the puppet projects are a bit lame. An electronic final year project should explore a concept and validate it.

  10. You get a degree for making a hobby project!? I thought people who are pursuing a degree should be able to come up with something better.

  11. pls send me a name of the component to the use of these projest pls send fastly

  12. Im sorry but most of these projects are the type of thing that myself, and i believe many other engi majors, did in high school

  13. In Australia we are taught to think and use what is available to make something beneficial to others. In contrast, in most of developing countries as I come from i was taught to have nightmares designing something no even reachable in dreams, that is the difference.

  14. I read this as first year engineering and was impressed, then I went to the comments and re-read the title and I see why.

  15. my final year project is the separation of lung sound from breath using Hilbert decomposition technique and the i will analyzing it for murmurs

  16. What is that project where a robot is controlled by touching the screen of phone

  17. The people that make fun of these student projects are the type of people that are certainly just a joy to work with.

  18. The type of projects does not matter as long as students learn and try to do it independently, but as Engineers use of Arduinos and ready made libraries should be avoided as we will fail to understand deeper working of electronics. Try to use microcontrollers with debuggers and develop drivers and integrate with a simple scheduler or RTOS.

  19. I mean, it's cool and all, but… yeah. From my experience these take much longer than they should.

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