Financial Recovery After Disaster: Insurance Coverage Promotional Video

It’s a horrible thing but you certainly learn a lot from the
process. River came up over the road for quite some time. We had eight inches on the main floor
of our house. The north wall and the south wall were off, and it looked like a doll house. The water level on the main floor had reached about two-and-a-half to three feet. Do we
walk away from the house? Can we afford to even rebuild? View what’s in front of you in the case of a marathon not a sprint. The University of Minnesota Extension
and North Dakota State University Extension Service have developed Recovery After Disaster:
The Family Financial Toolkit to assist in financial recovery from
disaster. The toolkit is free and available at
this website. These tools will help you think through
the situation that you’re in. To establish priorities and decide
what needs to be done and help you to act with purpose in
moving forward after the disaster. Following a disaster, insurance can be a
key piece of the puzzle for a successful recovery. Well the first
thing was they offered reassurance you know that this is covered, your policy covers
this type of a disaster so rest assured we’ll take care of you. Basic
homeowners insurance covers the structure of the home, personal property, loss of use, and other
structures on the property he was a life saver he immediately got
us money so we could start making decisions right away, within days we had cash flow renters may also purchase insurance to
cover personal property and loss of use caused by a disaster. Additional insurance policies would need
to be purchased to cover damage caused by floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. They are not
covered under basic homeowners insurance. I didn’t know anybody else that had
flood insurance and I didn’t wanna talk about it. I didn’t wanna say, well I’m OK but I
had a lot of friends that didn’t, it was very difficult
watching them struggle with their finances and trying to figure
out how they’re gonna pay for this and what they were gonna do. it is important to recognize that your
life will never be exactly the same as it was. Consider what you want your
new reality to look like. Knowing your insurance agent and your
insurance coverage may help you frame your new reality. I
had no clue and thank heavens he did. He knew
everything that I needed to do, so that was very reassuring. A community
arises out of a disaster, stronger, more deeply
connected and great believers in themselves that whatever we face we can face it together.

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