Finding Gold & Snakes! Digging Hard Pack Crevices Out Along the River

hi join me today finding a bit of fine
gold with the gold pan I’ve been hitting up these little hard pack holes finding a
good show of gold hey guys I’m out on one of my weekly
prospecting trips just using the detector and I’ve got me pan here as
well but I’ve come across some hard pack now this stuff is what I love like you
can see that it’s all fused together now this rock has come down in a major flood and it’s been just jammed in place and when they don’t get touched or dug for quite
a few years all the iron and high iron content like gravels and clay they all
start to set and concrete to each other and to the bedrock Sorry if this is making sounds on the camera but I’ve only got bedrock to put it on which is a good problem to have you can see how hard this stuff is I’ve been trying to move the rocks and they rather they seem to break before they budge I’ve started removing some of the debris
so bigger rocks we got a little bit of more room to wobble around just dropped my magnet in the drink nice a few of the bigger rocks coming out now just make sure I clean them well get rid of them now it moves a couple of the top cap
stones off the pothole we’re starting to get a bit more this nice clay gravel
that is the good stuff to pan get rid of a couple of these bigger rocks
I’m gonna keep all me bigger rocks in a pile because I couldn’t get me detector
right in the hole so in case I get some positive signals on them it’s real red and muddy real iron stain sort
of color to it that’s as much gravel left in there and then a I did a little swirly for a little crevice that’s not bad a few flakes and heaps of specks third snake for the day it’s a pretty little baby black snake off it goes that’s why you got to be really
careful out in the bush those things are poisonous and even the little ones will kill you alright guys I’ve got another couple of examples a hard pack we got a little pothole down in there and down where me pick is I got these hard rocks I’ll set up the Camera and we’ll dig them out this isn’t as much of hard pack as I thought this one down here but we’ll give it a pan out see what it gives us I’ll pan this one a bit quicker then the last one it’s nice and brown and iron stained
again there’s the gold out out that quick little pan now I’ll do this crevice down hear bit of water on my pan wonder whether this ones going to have more then that last quick pan both these little hard pack holes have had
a nice show color plenty of rocks in there bit of gold in there so that’s just three
holes that look like they were hard pack and only two of them were but I’m
getting a show color like this for each one so it’s just a good indication or a
quick quick little pan to sort of check an area always love the hard pack like I
try not to walk past it if I notice it even if I’m prospecting with me detector
or whatnot it’s just a good sign all right guys I’ve hiked back to where me
cars parked beside the river today. I’m going to get some water I’m a bit puffed actually now doing those three hardpack holes as
I said they’re a really good indicator of somewhere to go crevicing but it
also gives you indication of what the spots like now I’ve got me three little
potholes that I’ll shake into here me little pan as I said I was out metal detecting today
and I just don’t like to walk past this hard pack because it’s just a sign it’s
been there for a while and no one else has dug at it it’s not just a sort of a
minor flood area it’s been put down when there’s big storms
so we’ll see what’s in here there’s a bit of black sands in the gravel
today so it’s just hard sort of cleaning it out of that but see what we can do now we’ve got this smear up the top here
I’ll dry that out and Chuck it on the scales but I don’t think it’ll register
but it’s still nice for three small pans shows that there’s gold in the area and
should give it a bit more of a deep but I’m about knackered so thanks again for
watching if you could please like and subscribe really I appreciate it and I’ll see you next time all right guys I’m back at home I’ve got that little smear of gold just in here from those three little hard pack holes were going to see
whether they register on the scales I’ll be surprised if they do it comes to a grand total of zero. For three
little hard pack holes it was good metal detecting I didn’t get any good targets
with me detector so I decided just to concentrate on these hard pack holes
because I don’t like walking past them anyway but it’s definitely worth a pan
and it was good fun I saw heaps of snakes out today and got a new location
thanks again for watching please like and subscribe and I’ll see you next time

3 thoughts on “Finding Gold & Snakes! Digging Hard Pack Crevices Out Along the River

  1. Great vid. Just goes to say it is about the adventure not the gold. This is realistic prospecting entertainment. Obviously no salting to lure non prospectors.

  2. As Jack mentioned , enjoyed the video & journey
    Look forward to the next video 👍

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