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(WHISTLING) Hiya, Goofy. (CHUCKLES) Hey, Mick.
Where ya going? Oh, I’m heading over
to see Minnie
at her apartment. Oh, boy.
That Minnie Mouse. She’s smokin’. She sure is. Wait. What? Oh, yeah. That girl’s on fire. Now, look here! No, look there.
(GASPS) Fire? Uh-huh. (YELLS) Goofy! Remain calm! Call for help! (BABBLING) Help! I’m comin’, Minnie! Huh? Ma’am, ma’am, ma’am,
you can’t go in there. The building’s on fire. The building’s on fire! The building’s on fire! (QUIETLY)
The building’s on fire. (SNORING AND BLEATING) Sir! Sir! Wake up!
The building’s on fire! Fire? (BLEATING) Huh? Sir! The building’s on fire! The milk’s expired?
(GROANING) I said… ALL: Fire? (SCREAMING) This way! Oh! Ooh! (GROANING) (WEAKLY)
I’m comin’, Minnie! Fire, fire, fire, fire,
fire, fire, fire, fire… Fire? Mickey!
Save my babies! (OINKING)
Whoa! Save my babies, too! (BREATHING NERVOUSLY) My babies!
My babies! (GASPS) Oh! (GRUNTING) Ha-ha! Minnie! BABY: (DEEP VOICE) Goo. Ga-ga. Ooh. Ha-ha.
Woo-hoo! (GIGGLING) (GIGGLING) Minnie! (ALL GASPING) What do we do now, Mickey? Hmm… Everyone, listen up!
I need your help! MAN 1: Go, Mickey, go!
MAN 2: Yeah, Mickey! WOMAN: Yeah, Mickey! (STRUGGLING) So close, yet…
Hi, Mickey! Dinner’s almost ready! Oh! (GIGGLING)
Have a seat. Enjoy! (WHIMPERING) (THUDDING) Mick, I brought help! Hee-hee!

100 thoughts on “Fire Escape | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

  1. For people who don't understand the 0:13 joke,

    Mickey thought Goofy was in love with Minnie

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gist what was that

  3. Fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire 1:35

  4. Mm love local lol n mm my lap

  5. 1:52 what kind of rabbit gives birth to a million babies and 1 big baby

    Oh also what ant can talk and walk on feet?

  6. Mickey helps other pedestrians off the burning building and they help him and it’s all for nothing just to eat burnt chicken

  7. 1:17 how didnt minnie hear that ._. the people was legit YELLLING.and Mickie said it OUT LOUD!!!

  8. B?????- Theron Theron Theron Theron Theron c @ b5b5b4btb youtube 2 nt ??????????????????

  9. At 2:44 it sounds like Minnie voice that’s saying “yeah Micky”.like if you here it


  10. 0:37
    Goofy: presses 000
    Hello this is ghost busters how can I help you?

  11. I just love the show so much thank you for making these I love your shell thank you I love it I can’t believe you made this until I found out and I love it it explodes my mind??? I love ya

  12. 3:27 Mickey and Minnie got spray by the fire hose by no fiiiiiire!

  13. Sir! The building's on fire!!
    The milk's expired?
    I. Said.

  14. 0:16 She's smokin'.
    She sure is…
    Wait… Eh… What?!

  15. Goofy: oh boy, that Minnie Mouse, she’s smokin’

    Mickey: she sure is…. wait WHAT!?

  16. 1:36
    Me: ** Runs on stairs with normal sport shoes and falls**

    Mikey: ** RUNS ON CROCS**

    Me: ???

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