Firetech at FRI in Atlanta

hey what’s up it’s Sam from HiViz
LEDs and the Firetech Brand. We’re here at Fri down in Atlanta, Georgia We’re here with this super cool fire
truck this is one built from Midway South Carolina this is an E-One I think
it’s a cyclone or it’s a typhoon this is the classic E-One cab with the Firetech
Brow light mounted right on the leading edge and this is an aerial so that
aerial comes down and sits on the top and the way they’ve got this bracket set
the brow light is right above the windshield. It’s one of the more unique
mounting brackets the industry and it puts the same light right where it needs
to be to put all of the light on target this is one of the new mid-mounts- the
Ascendant mid-mount. Something that’s really unique when you’re designing a
scene lighting package for a truck like this is that it’s important to take into
effect the height of the fixture if you have a fixture that’s really tall like a
more traditional looking scene light the scrub angles effected because you have
to pick the aerial all the way up to clear the scene light as the aerial
comes around so when you’re specking a truck like this using a fixture like a
Firetech Mini Brow light this is the FT-MB-33 with combination spot flood optics;
something like this it’s only an inch and a half tall – doesn’t affect the
aerial as much and so you can pull it over the side of the truck a lot easier this is the Firetech Guardian JR. LED
scene light this is a pretty cool fixture we designed to fit in areas like
right here behind the officers door it’s a really small area in a fire truck when
you need an asymmetric beam pattern that’s the beam pattern that shines down
and out The Guardian junior works really well
and what’s unique about it is we’ve got these four super high-power LEDs in the
middle it will project light a long way from the vehicle so if you’re spotting
addresses or looking for something on the side of the road this is the ticket.
Like every fire tech product it’s guaranteed for the life of the apparatus.
For more information about this thing reach out to a FIretech dealer or check
us out online at

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