33 thoughts on “Fireworks light up Kansas City as the Chiefs win the Super Bowl LIV

  1. Also chiefs champs supplies are going to gone by tomorrow also we did how about that chieeeeeffffssss

  2. Congratulations to the city of Kansas city Missouri in case our president doesn't know

  3. Celebrate chiefs fans but don't be like the eagles fans after the super bowl and want to destroy your city. I am happy chiefs won too

  4. Wherever he is, Hank Stram is smiling tonight. RIP Coach. Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on their first title in 50 years. Congrats to their loyal fan base and Kansas City, Missouri. The drought is over. Congrats to Andy Reid as well. His drought is also over.

  5. I'm from MIDTOWN Midtown KC, right on Linwood and Gillham Rd this means a lot…I would be able to.see all of this

  6. I was at the Light District in June with my wife. It was a party town even then. Saw the Royals on the big screen. I can't even begin to imagine how great it was there during the Superbowl. GO CHIEFS!

  7. We will Meet again 😥…. Haha but for now Goddammit never thought you would turn it around 😂 Congrats !!!

  8. Ah ha ha ha we dit it. Look at that. Just incredible for this city. Been waiting since I was a kid. GO CHIEFSSSSSS

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