Good morning Everyone and welcome back to my channel What My Lens Sees Always happy to have you here with me! And today We’re not in Colorado anymore! I crossed the state line came down to New Mexico to one of the most famous tailwaters in probably all the world the beautiful San Juan River So, let’s give it a test Hopefully there’s some big fish in my future and would love to share them with all of you Let’s go see how it goes! Look at that, I finally found myself a fish! First One! There we go! How far out can I go?? Seems like they’re starting to get a bit more active Which is good! Oh yeah 🙂 Look at that guy! There we go! So this is like little creek fishing right here Went from really big water, to really little water Probably little fish too, but that’s ok There we go! Little guy Man, just little guy after little guy Gonna go check out a different part of the river here A little bit closer to the dam Hopefully I can find some bigger fish here There we go! Oh, and it’s a nice one! Right in between my legs … these guys are not dumb!

14 thoughts on “FIRST TIME IN NEW MEXICO FLY FISHING THE SAN JUAN RIVER … Winter fly fishing 4k

  1. Fantastic video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  2. Wow, what a beautiful river and big fish!! Looks like the areas you fished had great structure and character. Gotta add that to my bucket list, always heard a lot about it but nice job highlighting it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks like an awesome tailwater. You look much warmer in this video than in your previous videos haha.

  4. Nice video! It's a challenging river to wade fish! I was there a year ago in the fall for the first time. Seemed like the bigger fish were up by the dam where the drift boats can't go. I couldn't believe the fish stacked up downstream below my boots that were feeding from what I was stirring up. Tried Euro nymphing the last day and had some success. Keep up the quality videos!

  5. One river I would love to fish. Thanks for sharing my friend 👍

  6. Have you tried to put three hooks in one line so that you catch three trout a time? Awesome trout fishing action.

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