Fish Kill on the Darling River

it’s a national disgrace this
once-magnificent Murray cod is dead and it absolutely stinks the fish kill in
the darling river that we’ve witnessed and that dick and Rob have put on social
media is going viral is an absolute catastrophe this magnificent animal
massively generations-old her now is dead and rotting here and it absolutely
stinks but what stinks more than this dead animal is the management of the
river by the National Party and the absolute desecration of the river by
cotton irrigators upstream Australia you need to hang your head in shame look at
this this fish is dead because we have allowed the National Party to run
roughshod we’ve spent billions trying to save the murray-darling basin we’ve
spent billions and what have we got an ecological catastrophe it’s absolutely
appalling but Australia take note look at what we’ve got this absolute
devastation today the water Minister came up here he didn’t get out and touch
the fish he sped by in a speed boat at 30 knots didn’t even wave to the people
who came to meet him what an absolute coward
we need people are going to stand up for the river and make sure we put the
interests of the darling river and our ecology before that of multinational
corporates that are ripping the guts out of the darling river this is what you
get when you die pay attention this is what you get when you leave the National
Party in charge of water in Australia dead fish a massive stink sorry I’ve
gotta stop and effectively it runs into the
billions of people at the moment numbers are saying hundreds of thousands to
millions this river system will run about another 150 kilometers so if you
had these type of cures up and down you’ll be talking abili ins of she-fish
billions of fish being destroyed by feel sorry for Jeremy I’ll tell you know poor
bastard I hope he survives yeah you can it’s radio fucking active between oh is
that the worst experience of your life nobody should ever have to no animal
should suffer and die like that and and the can imagine the fish to the left
before they die to us they’ve got the same stuff that’s disgusting you

63 thoughts on “Fish Kill on the Darling River

  1. You tell 'em Jeremy,just like it is.A disgrace by the National Party.Excellent reporting guys.

  2. Wake up, it doesn't matter what government is in power. All governments care about is money. Stop trying to get political points over disasters, people are getting sick of it.

  3. The army could drop some practice bombs on the Cubby Station dam, couldn't they. Maybe some vigilantes

  4. Can i swim in there? yeah… its radio fcking active…"splash" Lmao Highly questionable brought me here.

  5. Barnaby joyce should be held to account, his run into politics was funded by the owners of cubby. Later cubby negotiated their water allocation with him, he is a cunt

  6. Absolute disgrace. Absolutely disgraceful. Water management in absolutely terrible and needs to change IMMEDIETELY!
    You can't just sell the water and then HOPE that it rains so you can sell it again.
    It's about time a massive percentage of water was set aside to run down the darling and cotton farmers water rights get bought out and restored back into the river. Id they can decommission tobacco in Victoria they can decommission cotton in NSW and QLD.

  7. Oh yeah in hearing yous the background is the total answer to the problem. Their is no sign of movement of those fish floating down stream. In fact I cod not tell in the video wich way the darling flows.its been drained to its death. NO FLOW AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!.unbelievable total missmanagemt from NSW GOVERNMENT. YET THIS SAME GOVERNMENT WILL FINE YOU OR.ME.FOR.CATCHING.AN UNDERSIZED FISH…….WTF..

  8. Well the storey is out here in Ireland thanks to that man getting sick , haha poor fucker ,at least the store is spreading , looks like a pit not a river , shocking

  9. Pathetic situation, we've been saying it for years as this is affecting other states as well…cotton farmers have been raping the system for years and getting away with murder…if only people realize how much water they pillage…it's all about the $$$ and pollies dont give a flying fuck
    about that river

  10. The government doesn’t care, they’re too busy making sure there’s enough money for the Mardi gra fireworks.

  11. It’s not Australia that needs to hang its heads in shame, it’s the freaking government pollies in Canberra.

  12. I can’t believe he he jumped in, his reaction is real though. It’s a disgrace what has happened to the river system. I appreciate a human response though from someone in politics

  13. your farmers fucked up the rivers,full stop.Australia couldnt manage a piss up in a brewery !

  14. Thank you informing the world. From USA…. it’s so upsetting watching. 😡😡😡😡.

  15. ABC news web: Cotton farm execs accused of $20m fraud over Murray Darling water funding – Norman Farming (QLD). Arrested CEO John Norman 43 and Chief Financial officer Steve Evans 53. Triplejay 58 @ twitter – Water Minister David Littleproud, elevated by Barnaby Joyce, is the son-in-law of Cotton Grower of the Year John Norman. Norman under investigation for #watertheft

  16. The water minister is the son in law of an arrested and charged cotton company CEO. Charged with stealing funds marked for water management.

  17. Yes. It's a national disgrace. For decades scientists have been warning us that this sort of thing would happen. But we just threw rocks at them. Welcome to shitsville.

  18. This river system has been being destroyed for decades, I have seen the massive impact it has had where it meets the ocean in Goolwa and used to fish there regularly and saw the dramatic decline of the system in the last couple of decades. When you have a single cotton farm that takes more water than all of South Australia is allowed you would think people might question that it is allowed…unless you have a lot of money to support the practice.


  20. Thanks to the Australian and state Government for making Australia have the longest Sewage in the world the Darling and Murry rivers 3,980km, you are always quick to blame every one else in including the drought for you mismanagement, for the last 10 years you had billions of $ and we still have this mess. Please just quit your jobs and stop telling us it's not your fault. let someone that can fix the problems that you made have a go.

  21. Hey just build more private dams and take water from the (public) river to grow cotton, it'll be fine!!

  22. I am near 50 years old & I have seen a considerable decline in water management in my lifetime but what I was told from people now passed away is that it was buggered by the time I saw it as a child. Back in the 80's an old guy told me when he was young they didn't need rain water tanks they just drank the water in the river……I wonder what he would think of it today.

  23. According to Niall Blair, National Party and NSW Water Minister, it's got nothing to do with bad policy and management. Rather, it's just the drought, so stop complaining. Who would have thought that a National Party politician would sell out country Australia?

  24. next time you vote .. dont vote for the liberals & nationals. they just fuck the country & the people too .. wake up Australia . the liberal  cronnies are useless pricks who have  never worker a real job ever in their lives .  oh & a vote for the greens is just a wasted vote ……

  25. Another example of our governments failure to look after Australia and its people .
    Corrupt mongrels .

  26. Just more words gov doesn't give a shit about a river cares more for the rich elitist who run the cotton farms and the local council

  27. Should grab the cunt 🇦🇺 and bash him !!!! Wtf this is bull shit why the government do this sham sham sham .

  28. Why did he hold the fish? It stinks. And he jumps in? lol Disgrace and ecological disaster.

  29. Heads need to roll,who are the selfish bastards who did this,they need to be in prison!

  30. Welcome to the well deserved curses for the atrocities committed against the peaceful Aborigines.

  31. There needs to be a drought plan: As soon as drought is declared all irrigation for non essential (non food) crops must cease..

  32. this green dirty polluted river is missing an important filter system a natural one fresh water clams or muscles they clean and filter out the water just take a look at some clear clean areas of rivers in western australia kept clean by these fresh water filter no ones thinking about these amazing natural water filtering clams of fresh water muscles take a look at the youtube videos showing in time lapse how they can filter dirty water into cleaner water the qld governments not talking about this great fix or cure for the water system thats why im bringing it up

  33. as for the river needing a big flush all ya need is a good map follow the river on it to the north of qld where all that water from floods is coming from dose that river you traced to queensland on the map join if not theres ya answer link them so when the big wet and flood in queensland happen the water can be channeled into the linked river system so it all gets a big flush from the water up north the government has plenty bulldozers and earth moving equipment so get to work jion the river system so they can all get flush from the north qld water and rain system

  34. Shining River by Eric Bogle. Remember it?

  35. Liberal government for ya. I see a senior liberal of UNSW i believe and liberal fame bought largest fingerling farm in nsw 9 months ago..54 million . Restocking contract siad to be 450million,,,guess whos laughing at your rural towns, dead fush and outrage…suits blue shirts blue ties….scabs that would sell us all for buck.

  36. What is going on in our country this is disturbing , poor bloke is going to lose a lung. Our country should be so embarrassed and fix this straight away?

  37. Who made the rivers too dirty for a Baptism while pointing at the sinners?

  38. They're using radioactivity invectivly to describe the effects of low oxygen in the water. Simultaneously they want to pump even more water out of the Murray darling system, to support pumped hydro / wind power. In this context there is one thing and one thing only that can save the Murray Darling river system, NUCLEAR POWER!!!

  39. Terrible, but i can't stop lauching about the bloke trowing up. And then swimming in the gunk.

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