12 thoughts on “Fish Passage Improvements to Columbia and Snake River Dams

  1. dismantle that dam !!
    its best long term solution for the hole river eco-system

  2. where are the counts,, YOU HAVE NOT POSTED FOR 3 DAYS;; APRIL 19 2017

  3. Breach the dam! Our Southern resident orcas of the Salish Sea are starving and it is not even economically sustainable.

  4. OK, so tear down the Dam ? What about all the people that rely on the Dam for electricity, drinking water and farm irrigation ? The ignorance of EnvironMENTALIST's is disturbing.

  5. Some of you posters below should be more concerned about the northern pike working their way down from Lake Roosevelt.

  6. The Columbia river is over Damned !! We need power but we don't need as many dams as we have and we need it to flow like a river not a lake. The only reason the dams are making any of these improvements is because their hand is being forced !! The Pacific Northwest has lost some of the greatest fish runs in the world in the name of hydropower. Grand Coulee no fish Passage !!

  7. Incremental fixes have done little to make dams fish friendly as you claim. You are to be commended for making improvements, but the statistics on returning adult salmon and steelhead show them slipping toward extinction. As things are now most fish in the basin are of hatchery origin. The Columbia River once produced the millions of salmon, naturally. Stop tinkering around the edges and JUST FIX IT!

  8. Shame on the utility power companies.  They have destroyed nearly all the rivers in the northwest for the sake of power and wealth,  There are other sources of power, thermal and solar power.  Get a clue.  The age of the dam is over.

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