60 thoughts on “Fishing for Giant Freshwater Drum on the Whitemud River

  1. I was out camping there this winter, been wanting to fish this in the summer yet

  2. Epic Breakfast sandwich slomo = like like likes
    Great stuff as always, Jay!

  3. Awesome vid man! if you ever wanna get rid of those awesome red cumaras let me know. they'reโ€‹ my favorite sticks.

  4. 200$ bass pro gift card whats the best rod reel set up for bass fishing spinning reel

  5. Would u do some fishing/filming for bass in BC? They are every where here now..

  6. You should try trolling cranks in there jay. I fish that spot weekly and only the biggest drum will hit them. Great way to weed out the smalls and bullhead

  7. I don't think many people will understand the pure brilliance of this video. Running 4 cameras with an amazing story line…epic broll….and even better edit. /bow to you Jay. Keep em coming!

  8. Father & Son fishing is THE BEST!
    Cherish it like nothing else – until it's YOUR son taking you!
    ~Tight Lines~

  9. I love you videos Jay, keep em' coming! I got a master 25.25 incher the same weekend.

  10. Disqualified how many years ago?. If you have good content you don't need clickbait titles.

  11. Pretty sure I told you before, but you're very talented at what you do. Awesome vid man. ๐Ÿค˜

  12. Glad you brought us along for this! Something special about fishing with Dad. Hope mines is doing well enough to come up and hot the water with me this weekend!

  13. Friggen clickbait title. You know damn well the title implies you were disqualified while fishing THIS tournament in THIS video.

  14. Gotta love getting out with the old man! You two have some pretty cool fishing memories together, great video! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Dude awesome work man really enjoy seeing you on that side of the lens!

  16. You make very good videos jay. Very well put together! Keep them comin!

  17. Great video. Have you seen our powered GoPro mounts? Check out YOLOtek.com

  18. Thanks for sharing your story and more importantly your trip! Wish my dad was still around! New subscriber here, check out my channel when you have time!

  19. Good work love the fact you're fishing with Dad but 2 thumbs down for the title. Burned once by you but never again.

  20. Great video Jay! And for the people complaining about it being clickbait. Its his content, he can do as pleases with it.

  21. you're so damn talented. Wish you had the 600-900k subs that some of the big fishing channels have. Best b roll in fishing hands down. Collab with Jon B if you can. I think that would be a huge push for your channel since a lot of his fans enjoy the filming aspect so much rather than just the fish catching alone

  22. You and aron should make more videos! I realy like the content. Its almost just like the fishing in sweden.

  23. Awesome time with your dad. Side imaging does not work if you are sitting still.

  24. I was on the dock on the left and you were on the right! I remember you catching this fish to this day! Very nice catch!

  25. Noticed in your new video as well the drone shots and a few other have black bars so the scale is different. Did you forget to edit to frame size or is there a reason you aren't? I've had the same issue editing but scaling to frame size fixes it… just curious if theres something I'm missing by doing it that way. Doesn't seem to change the quality.

  26. Glad theres a tournament for sheephead, such underrated fish, fight like a smallmouth. Never mad when i hook into one. Target them in ontario before bass opens.

  27. Interesting bite, I usually get drum trolling a bottom bouncer and a Chartreuse spinner with a minnow (usually looking for walleye).
    Dad eating a breakfast sammy in slow mo made me LOL!

  28. It was great seeing you and your dad fishing. My dad was no fisherman but he saw me and my brother had an interest in it and made an effort to learn himself and teach us how to fish. He still doesnt fish but ive been hooked since. Really have to appreciate the effort our fathers put in.

  29. Big drum often die after being caught.. Ive had several 28-30'' and they have all floated away.

  30. Hey new to the channle. Im born and raised in portage la prairie. If you come back to the whitemud ive got a lot of luck on rattle baits spoons and a pickrel rig for huge barn doors

  31. My favourite fishing location… your show did it justice a then some…. vary nice ๐Ÿ‘…

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