Fishing for KAPPA: Japan’s Mythological River Monster

Hey guys! Welcome to the next video in my Iwate series Today I am at Denshoen and I’m here to buy a license so I can go fishing for Kappa Kappa are a mysterious creature found in Japanese folklore They’re known to live in lakes, rivers and swampy type of areas They’re kind of a mix between a turtle and a human Their most important feature being the dish shaped area on the top of their head which is filled with water This is the kappa’s life source So it’s very important that they don’t spill the water out of their dish Kappa are known to be very mischevious and the like doing things like stealing crops and pulling children into the river The kappa stories are used as a way to convince children to stay out of the water so that they don’t get hurt Sometimes kappa are depicted as cute creatures So you can find kappa plushies or cute kappa statues But often they’re also scene as very scary as you can see in these drawings While the kappa are famous all over Japan Their hometown is known to be Tono in Iwate Prefecture That’s where I am today and you can do fun things here like fishing for kappa and you can talk to the kappa ojisan all about kappa and learn alot from him So that’s what we’re gonna do today! Behind me here are some fishing poles with cucumbers strung to them This is how you catch a kappa So I’m gonna learn how to do that today and I’m gonna get my license and we’re gonna go catch a kappa You can buy a license with or without a cover I decided to go with this one So I got my license and I’m ready to go So if I wanna be a pro kappa fisher I have to wear one of these hats So which one are we gonna wear guys This is like your traditional kappa, green and yellow Whoa this one has hair I’m leaning towards this one because it’s cute So that one didn’t fit my head. It’s still pink so that’s ok! We have come to the spot where we can fish for kappa I have my kappa hat and my kappa fishing license So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna catch one right? We also have some cucumbers Kappa eat cucumbers so we bought some in Tokyo and brought them with us That it what we’re gonna use to catch the kappa Let’s head down here and see if we can find the river where they live I’m excited It’s really beautiful Check it out It’s a really nice temple Oh I see a sign! Kappa are this way Kappa Valley – this way It’s really cold Oh ok I see a bridge According to this sign here the kappa see the hat it’s filled with water There was a fire at this temple and the kappa used that water from their hat to put out the fire So everyone loves them So apparently there are some kappa in this river here I hear some voices down here let’s see if we can find someone who can help us out I see someone fishing Hello! Oh hello! What are you doing? Fishing for kappa Oh kappa! Is that a cucumber? Yes a nice fresh cucumber Kappa eat cucumbers? They love them! This is a nice fresh one so… Where are you from? Canada Oh Canada is really far away Do you have a license? Yes I went and got one teach me how to catch one please! You’re ready to fish I’ll try my best This pole is for pros only So I can’t lend it to you But I’ll get you one from over there Thank you! Be careful of the kappa They like pretty boys and girls It says: Be careful because the kappa attack beautiful boys and girls If you need to just throw your rod into the river Oh okay, got it! Okay I’m gonna catch some kappa now I’ve got my cucumber 3 hours passed… How come we didn’t find any kappa today? Today’s a little too cold Oh they don’t like the cold? The kappa’s water dish freezes when it’s too cold out Oh the water on top of their heads? That water is their life source If that freezes their life is in danger So they don’t come out when it’s cold So february isn’t the best time… It was warmer early on but… But when it gets cold all of a sudden you don’t see them much If you come when it’s warmer I’ll come again in the summer You might see lots then We asked him if anyone has ever caught a kappa here before and he says he’s not allowed to tell us, it’s a secret and we have to keep trying and seeing if we can get one for ourselves If we do manage to catch a bunch we’re allowed to bring one home with us Only one because they’re a popular tourist attraction here So we can’t take them all home Today was a little too cold and the kappa didn’t wanna come out so we didn’t catch any Maybe in the summer I will come back and I will get one So look forward to that

100 thoughts on “Fishing for KAPPA: Japan’s Mythological River Monster

  1. Well I'm certain that Kappa are not unique to Japan. As a child they pulled me into ponds and streams frequently. Keep trying and do let me know if you catch one.

  2. they said that f a kappa sees you the kappa will drag you to the water and get something from you ass lol.

  3. damn it! just because one Kappa pulled somebody under water, ONE GUY! Did you ever think that yokai have individuality? No, if course not! So you associate that activity with the species as a whole! Sorry about that rant, I love kappas so forgive me for being hostile, I was being defensive

  4. I came here because this video was featured on NHK videos gone viral!! She seriously wasted 3 hours??! No surprise she is popular because she's chou kawaii…major advantage… Canadian Kawaii

  5. Hi Sharla! When are you going to visit Iwate again? 😊 Hope I could see you the next time you come here! ❤

  6. That was really weird of how the kappa looks lol key that hopefully she will come back and post another video to try to catch one again

  7. I Am Imaginating About Having A Pet Kappa Named Kyle

  8. Just throwing 1 cucumber in 10 days and then Kappa will give you blue powerberry ! believe me!!

  9. I always thought Kappa was just a Harvest Moon thing. How interesting.

  10. 😂😂 love the way you went with the flow. Im guessing out of respect. But i personally couldn't go with it when im using my money to try to catch a mythical creature. Might as well go looking for Yetis or chupacabras. But YOLO. If you catch one..IF…take video.

  11. I like to think kappas are just miss understood. I think they just tried to mind their own business but then people came around and started spreading rumors about them so they stay hidden from people so they don't scare us. (Backfiring because that only made us more scared of em)

    But that's just what I think (or I like to believe)

  12. Your nihongo is so fluent! It'll take me years in Foreign Language, Nihongo to be as fluent as you!

  13. I am certainly impressed with your demeanor as well as your speaking Japanese with very courteous respect to the legend! I am sure the people appreciated you greatly! I certainly enjoyed it as I had just reread "Kappa" by Akutagawa Ryunosuke… I hope to return to my homeland again, though I have many times after leaving after high school, as a merchant seaman, but miss being able to spend time as you had and as I had as a child. Good Luck in the future and The Lord Jesus loves you!

  14. 3時間も粘っちゃったか~www

  15. Because u new born seen anywhere place waterfresh kappa old village.
    U grow up late nobody kappa end.

    Ago village jungle full place waterfall kappa nake real from 1926 years story.
    That said kappa angry mean drink and eat throw very dirty in waterfresh.
    Need cleaning waterfresh beautiful kappa happy kind help for u family. Yea
    Understand clear. Ok

  16. Kappa sama santa itu sama-sama tidak nyata hanya dongeng bualan untuk masa kecil

  17. keemuchi.. ahhhh I cum inside you… dam look hot girl wanna fuck her n hear she screaming

  18. You should dress up as an otter. Lol. I heard otters are the rivals of kappa?

  19. I'm glad You're not alone out there.. I was relieved to see You have a camera guy friend with You!

  20. is kappa still real sharla if u caught one tell me ok or i think u lieing kappas r not real is legends but there real in 1823 those st

  21. Only way you`re gonna catch a kappa is if you kick the old guy into the river.

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