Fishing for Piranhas in the Amazon River in Peru

So it is 9 AM and we’re back on the water
and it is a beautiful morning to be out. We’re going to try and spot some wildlife. Oh! So Sam? Are you hoping to spot anything in
particular today? Yes, I would like to see that bird we saw this morning for breakfast.
We didn’t film it but it was a beautiful brown bird with like huge wings and it looked a
little bit like an eagle. We found something. So we went out for a little excursion this
morning and we’ve been traveling upstream and now we’ve arrived at a prime location
to fish piranhas. So Sam, how are you feeling about that? I’m feeling good because you’re
going to stick your fingers in and they’re going to bite them, right? What? Just kidding
we actually have fishing rods. So first up we are emptying our boat because
there is a little too much water in it. And we wouldn’t want to sink when there is piranhas
in the water now would we Sam? No, we would not. So over there is the bait. We’re just getting
that ready to put on the hook. Bait for the piranhas. And there is the bait.
I don’t want to use my fingers. Hahahaha. This is the way how to hook the bait. You
make it a double hook. A double hook. Just like that. Throw it in the water. So we are going to use this small fish. Ah!
To feed the piranha. Oh my gosh. Almost, almost. It was there. I heard the bite. You want to try and splash the water. That
is the way how to attract the piranha. Splash the water to call the piraña. Come over! Okay, so I’m going to try my hand at fishing
for piranha. I’ve got the bait here. Right here. Let’s do this. I’m scared. So lure it
over. Lure it over Audrey. Jerk it up and down. Splash it around. Up and down, splash it around. Do you feel
anything? No. Not yet? We’re still trying to get them to come over. Is that a piraña? No it is a sardine. Freshwater
sardine. It ate it. Now Sam is tying his hand at fishing for piranha.
Alright, my turn. So my strategy is going to be just to dip it in and put it right back
up. Come on. That’s your strategy? That’s my strategy. Why don’t you try splashing around to see
if you generate some interest. Looks like someone is getting impatient. Let’s
see what happens. Oh, I feel a tug. Nope. No. False alarm. False alarm. I feel a tug. No, they just ate half of the
fish. They ate half of the fish. Yeah, oh no. Hahahaha. Look at that. Our first piranha. Jeez, they’re ugly. Oh my gosh look at the teeth on that sucker. I would not want to be bitten by one of those.
What do you think Audrey? That is scary. It looks like something out of a horror movie.
Look at those things. Sharp as heck. We got one. Andres got one. Let’s see it?
Look at it. That is a big one. A big one. That is way bigger than the other one. Wow.
Oh, maybe I have one too. Oh no. Never mind. I haven’t had any luck so far so we’re letting
Sam try his hand once again. Oh, another! Piraña number three. This one can reach like this size. Like big.
Holy crap. That is huge. How many years? How many years would it take to get that big?
In five years. Oh. Oh. It’s a branch. Oh yeah. Expert branch
fisher over here. Expert branch fisher. No piranhas so far just branches. I’m really good at fishing branches. You got one! You got one! Show it to us. I
finally caught one. It was a big one too. Film it. Oh there it is. Grab it. Wow! Don’t worry. Wow! Check this out. There you go. Sam’s first
piranha. Finally, look at that. It was probably my 20th attempt and I was
not going to give up until I got one. There it is. There it is. Congratulations. There
is dinner. There is dinner. You never gave up and finally got one. Now
we are going to see its teeth. Let’s check out its teeth. Check out that. Urggh! So vicious. Look at those vicious fangs. So mission accomplished. Time to head back
for lunch but we’re going to be having these for dinner. So that is pretty exciting. It is wet! It’s wet! Okay, so this morning we went fishing for
piranha and now we are having it for dinner. And that is the big one I caught. Yeah, Sam
got the big one. The grande. So how are we going to dig in to this? Begin. So it came served in an orange. Just a little bit of meat? So what does it taste like? It’s surprisingly decent. Yeah. There doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of
meat there. No, there is not.

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  2. 5:43 good thing it's dinner the hook is coming out of its eyeball good God!

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  7. Nothing more entertaining than watching tourists fish for Piranha one of the fish that is on native diets , the folklore behind the image of the Piranha makes them more "vicious" than what they really are, there are a lot more dangerous land animals down in South America than fish in a river… now what is more interesting is the Candiru or Toothpick fish… that I heard about from a Marine Biologist that studies the Amazon.

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