Fishing the Run-off: Extra ► All 4 Adventure TV

This is what I was talking about. All the flood water that comes off the plain
here drives down through these channels. And as the dry season subsides, all the feed,
all the food, all the bugs, the fish, the little bait fish, just peel off the flood
plains. And the barra, that’s why they’re up here. Around December and January, the big fish,
the big barra will come up into these floodplains. And as soon as that wet season starts and
the water starts to fill out, they’ll go up there. They’ll go lay their eggs, and that’s when
the little barra will get bigger up in here. And then they flush out of this system, and
they feed on all this food. This is now dry season, so a lot of the fish
have gone. There’s still a few little fish around, but
the big fish have gone. They’ve gone out to sea now. They go out onto the outer reefs or inner
reefs actually. But out in the ocean. And they’ll wait for the next cycle. But this place here, this is one of the few
places in the territory where you get these awesome runoff floodplains.

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