Five people killed by rain-caused flash floods in southeastern area 남부지방 비 피해

Our top story this morning….
At least five people have been killed and several others missing in torrential rains
that lashed southeastern Korea on Monday. Officials say up to 130 millimeters of rain
an hour fell in Busan and nearby regions in Gyeongsangnam-do Province on Monday afternoon,
triggering landslides, flooding houses and cars, seriously disrupting air and rail services
and even temporarily halting the operation of a nuclear power plant after rain began
to seep into a water-intake facility. Three women and a teenage girl were killed
by sudden floodwaters in Busan. In the city of Changwon, a bus tipped over
into a flooded street. One person was killed, while at least four
others remain missing. Officials say more than 270 millimeters of
rain fell in Changwon as of Monday afternoon. The Korea Meteorological Administration says
more heavy rain is forecast for later this week.

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