Fixing LED Headlight Radio Interference

After putting in some LED headlights in my truck I noticed I’ve got a problem. Hope I don’t get a copyright strike for this. Radio with the headlights, off and with them on. off. on. What the crap! I thought I might try something to see if I could fix it so just bringing you along for the ride to see if it works. These are ferrite clips or ferrite cores ferrite chokes. They go by a couple different names but basically what they are is a filter against electronic interference. You commonly see these wrapped around the cords of chargers for laptops and stuff like that. Inside you can see there’s a ferrite ceramic core that wraps around the wire. You lay the wire in here, close it up clip it shut, and it basically gets rid of all that electronic interference that I’m hearing through the radio. So we’re going to give them a try today and see how they work. I got these off of Amazon from a company called the EBoot, I’ll put a link in the description to those guys. I’ve actually got a couple of their products before and they’re pretty good. This happens on just about every FM station. You can turn on the headlights, and most of them you can’t even hear at all. Some of them come in more clearly but I think it has a lot to do with how close I am to the radio station itself. This is ridiculous. Here we are behind my headlight. I’m going to stick this thing on the wire that goes from the power plug to the headlight on the headlight side, and see what that does. I already did the other side so let’s see what happens. It’s a little bit better. Guess we’ll add some more. Can’t forget the fog lights. So glad I zip tied all this stuff up. It’s even better than it was before so. Guess I’ll add another one. I even put one on the little fan wire. This is an electric motor it could be the cause of the problem too. So far I’ve got three on each. Okay so i think i got it nailed down. The fog light ones when i leave just the parking lights on which are not LEDs at all and I flip the fog lights on and off I don’t notice any difference in the radio so i think i got it nailed down to the headlights and there’s only like one more wire that I could possibly put one of these things on I’m gonna give that a try and see if that makes any difference but it’s much better than it was just not good enough so I keep on trying. Tell you what, I didn’t think it was going to need all these extras but I’m sure glad I got them. I mean, the pack was only eight dollars so i don’t really care but i was going to have to just store these for a rainy day. Looks like today is that day! damn it! I actually added one more of these clips onto the little wire that comes from the box to the fan and it made it horribly worse on every station so i took that back off it kind of felt like the Christmas Story dad where he has all that mess of plugs on the wall and it starts on fire. Just one too many! You know that one station that still has a little bit of static you know I hardly ever listen to it anyway so I don’t really care. The rest of the stations i listen to are great! These are the LED lights by the way. They are a generic actually I don’t even know what the call them. A bunch of different companies that carry these and they’re all different names so good luck if you want those but these are really good lights so far I’ve got all but one or two stations that have come back without any kind of interference so I’m just going to go with it but if you’re having the same problem give this a try see if it works out for you. All right, so ferrite clips. I ended up using almost my entire pack. This is all I have left. I’ve got all but two of my stations back with no interference at all. For as cheap as it is it’s, worth a shot. If it doesn’t work you can either keep them for something else or send them back or whatever. Now these things actually come in quite handy you can use them for a lot of other things like if you have a phone charger that makes noise when you plug it in or something in your house interferes with your stereo or your TV or something like that try one of these things you might just work. So these things are going to go in the drawer for some other time

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