Flash Amber Side Mirror Marker Lights with Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher

How are y’all doin’? Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings. I just want to feature and let you know, as you can
see, we have released the long awaited Amber Mirror Mod Auto Flasher Kit. So if
you have a Super Duty and you have amber mirror lights like this and you’ve been
wanting our Mirror Mod Kit, or you have amber roof lights like these and you
want them to flicker and flash the way this does, and you probably maybe want
them to work factory like they used to before the modification like they’re
doing now. I mean I would assume, maybe you do, maybe not. And I’m sure you
probably wanted to flip a switch and have them dance like this. So this is our
Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher module. There’s one module on the mirrors, one
module on the roof. You can choose to flash all at once, the way you’re seeing
right now. You can also if you prefer to split up some of these roof lights and
perhaps flash the outers and the center against these two, back and forth. You can do that too. You can also wig-wag the mirrors back and forth if you want. This
particular client, we chose to do the 5 on the roof, the 2 on the mirrors, back
and forth. Why? Because I felt like it and I do what I want. I like it. Looks good.
I’ve done it both ways. Your call, you do what you want but that’s the Wicked
Warnings Auto Flasher module, now incorporating the amber mirror lights on
Super Duty and F-150. Covers F-150 and Super Duty. And if you happen to have
these lights on the roof of your F-150, give me a call because it’ll be the
first one I’ve ever seen, but if you’ve got them out of Super Duty, it does that
too. Once again, the Auto Flasher module by Wicked Warnings. Get it at wickedwarnings.com, your number one source for construction and emergency LED safety
lighting and strobe lighting equipment for cars, vans, buses, SUVs, UTV’s, bicycles, tricycles, whatever you got, bring it in and we’ll light it. Thanks again for watching.
Talk to you on the next video.

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