Flash Flood in Anza-Borrego!

This is August 25, 2013, and I’m in the Anza-Borrego
Desert, very near the intersection of Borrego Springs Road and San Pablo Road. I’m witnessing
a developing flash flood that just got going within the last 30 minutes or so. It’s approximately
4:15 pm and about half an hour to 45 minutes ago, this stream bed was completely dry, and
it appears that the discharge is increasing. I’m seeing increasingly large pieces of wood
washing down. People are still trying to drive through this
but I’m guessing that they’ll probably stop trying to drive through it about now. It looks
pretty dangerous to try to drive through this at this point. You can see some big snags
going by. This is incredible. This entire arroyo was completely dry about half and hour
to 45 minutes ago. My feet are getting wet even as I’m filming this; I’m gonna step back.

5 thoughts on “Flash Flood in Anza-Borrego!

  1. This is crazy!  I camped in an arroyo one night and saw a small scale version of this.  Lesson learned: camp on high ground always.

  2. Wow! That is an impressive flood! How long did it last? Did you see any ocotillos bloom shortly thereafter? Thanks for uploading.

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