Flash flood watch remains in effect for all islands through the weekend

FLOODING CAUSED BY HEAVY RAIN SHUT DOWN ON KAUAI. AND WHILE THINGS MAY HAVE DRIED UP FOR NOW…DON’T PUT YOUR UMBRELLAS AWAY JUST YET. Upper level disturbances passing over the state through the weekend. Locally heavy rainfall and thunderstorms will be possible at times. The unsettled weather is expected to briefly exit the state Monday and week. THE HEAVY RAIN FLOODED A WINDWARD OAHU SCHOOL AND FORCED STUDENTS TO GO HOME EARLY. RESIDENTS TELL US IT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED IF A NEARBY STREAM HAD BEEN WASN’T IT DONE? onto their campus. School officials tell us that classes were canceled before noon so parents were called to pick up their children. keanu: “The whole outside was flooded the basketball court and the grass.” doris: “That’s what they need to work on that’s the part I am concerned about they need to work on the river cause Residents tell me the flooding happens all too often. The right into the school.” the sand to clear the clog. Part of the problem, is it the city or state’s responsibility? they go back and forth and you know what let’s go and do it.” manolo: “Crews from the city and the state wound up digging this whole area so the water can flow toward the ocean residents are wondering why it wasn’t done before the rains came?” ula: “I would to be proactive I first of all or homes being statement saying A State transportation department spokesman tells me the area under the highway was cleaned recently but is still checking on exactly when. Manolo Morales nats of water raging THIS IS WHAT RAINBOW FALLS ON THE BIG ISLAND ALSO REPORTED MULTIPLE LANDSLIDES AND INTERMITTENT LANE CLOSURES ALONG THE KA’U AND FOR MUCH OF THE DAY. THE AREA IS NOW BEING OPEN. AND STUDENTS AT KAPAA MIDDLE, KAPAA HIGH, KAPAA ELEMENTARY AND HANALEI ELEMENTARY VIDEO. WE’VE CREATED A GALLERY AT KHON2 DOT COM. IF YOU’D LIKE TO SHARE YOUR PHOTOS, “REPORT IT” AT KHON2 DOT COM OR THROUGH THE KHON2 MOBILE APP.

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