Flash Flood Watch

Hi good Sunday morning I’m Pamela Wright, we are off to another very windy and very rainy star…t temperatures few degrees warmer you’ll notice that this morning but the winds have stayed strong and will continue to gust through the day 35 to 40 mph so a WIND ADVISORY he remains in effect throughout the day again toda.y you can see the windspeed forecast these are sustained winds mainly 20 to 25 mph across the area right through tomorrow morning but again Gusts could be quite stronger… taking a look at the radar Deep tropical moisture continues to stream into SouthCarolina especially from Charleston to Columbia more up towards Myrtle Beach this morning and holding together wrapping around and coming into the upstate …we see pockets of very heavy rain and that has prompted some flashflood warnings overnight and we all remain under a flash floodwatch through today into early tomorrow morning same with the wind so here’s the future plus Joaquin continues to move out to sea but an area of low pressure continues to drive tropical moisture back towards the coastline and that will continue through the day today by early tomorrow most of that confined to the coastline that we will stay socked in with clouds and at least some showers around during the day so windy rain temperatures getting into the lower 60s today so not quite as cold. Let’s take a look at the four-day plus wind and rain today slowly slowly improving and staying again quite cloudy through the day tomorrow back into the upper 60s the sun comes back out on Tuesday and then we have a pretty nice second half of the week temperatures beautiful fall temperatures in the mid and upper 70s low 70s across the mountains with all of us having overnight lows in the 50s

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