2 thoughts on “Flash flooding in Sugar Land makes all main roads impassable

  1. Lord protect these people in Jesus name may this rain stop. Amen

  2. A lot of folk don't realize how difficult it is to abide by the policy of "turn around, don't drown" in a driving environment that features numerous one-way streets, below-ground level underpasses (which are often the only places to effect turnarounds), high curbing, and a mix of low-clearance vehicles (the folk who are trying to turn around) and high-clearance vehicles (the folk that don't need to turn around and block those who do). Combine this with a drive to pave the entire area (which enhances flooding) and rain this heavy (inches per hour is pretty damn extreme, even by east Texas standards) and it is easy to start a drive in absolute safety and, less than a half hour later, find yourself in a real bind through no fault of your own.

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