Flash Floods in May? (Halls Creek Narrows, Utah)

Day 18… another rainy day. Windy. Thunder. Sounds like a great day to go through
Halls Creek Narrows, huh? Meh, we’ll see how it shapes up. The rain is just not going away today. It’s kinda a bummer. I was hoping it would warm up and I could
dry off, but not so far. Getting close to the Narrows so we’ll see what’s going on when we get up there. Hiding out in a little make-shift shelter. Just trying to wait out another little downpour. Back behind me it’s all sunny… where I’m headed… It’s NOT. I definitely don’t like the look
of those clouds. Should I enter the Narrows with skies
like this and thunder rumbling? The answer’s yes. Gotta go. Before the rain starts. it’s quite the canyon already oh here we go Getting deeper. Oooh! Going through the Narrows in the rain… probably not one of my smartest ideas. And she’s coming down. Kids don’t try this at home. I’m through the tightest spot, but still a
lot of narrows to go. More thunder. Better keep moving. There we go. Day 18 Man I almost didn’t come through the
Narrows because of the rain… and now it’s a beautiful day. I can’t believe it, but a flood is coming through. this is why you don’t hike when there’s
rain storms Man so that was scary. I could just hear the wind rushing through… and I stopped and thought. Is that the wind or is that a flood? Just as I was about to come through
this little narrow section. I’m so glad I turned around and
hightailed it back to… where I knew high ground. I think i did just in time. Stinks. Kind of smells like sewage or
something. Not good. This is where I was when the flood hit. It’s about an hour later now. Two hours after the flash… it’s still flooding. But the waters are receding a slight bit. Day 19 — the water is still flowing, but
it’s much much lower. Yes! I made it out of the Narrows! Now we’ve just got about 20 miles of walking. Just follow the Reef.

29 thoughts on “Flash Floods in May? (Halls Creek Narrows, Utah)

  1. Good job you stayed safe and kids never try this without a guide enjoy your vids stay safe 👍👍👍

  2. Great video and you never know this video might save someone’s life someday

  3. This guy cracks me up. What he needs is my grandma leading him around by the hand.

  4. Thanks for the info. I am going soon for the first time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  5. I went hiking years ago miles and miles into the narrows with my oldest brother. It was amazing! We were told it was a relatively safe day. They did give us a few warnings. One was that if it started to rain, get out! We had already had to swim here and there to get to where we were. We hadn't seen anyone else for hours. Well, here comes a light rain. And the walls were straight up…no way out! We freaked out and started running and swimming as fast as possible! Trying to get back to safety. God sure was looking out for us that day! We made it back! We were ignorant to Just How dangerous flash floods could be. That was around 14 years ago and MAN I miss that place! Video and pictures honestly don't do it justice. It is AMAZING! I can't wait until the day I'm able to go back!

  6. Can someone please explain why this video has gotten so much hateful comments, I’m genuinely curious.

  7. I’m gonna ask all the commenters to settle down, he’ll learn, stop shitting on him.

  8. No such thing as 'Mother Nature'. Physical things are nonconscious and must react according to design.

  9. Staying calm and knowing the terrain and how to handle it is key. His patience and knowledge of the area was key to avoiding death. Any hike can turn deadly for one reason or another. His decision to hike was not unreasonable at all.

  10. No amount of money would entice me to venture into a narrows or a slot canyon. I’ll watch the drone footage later!

  11. I went down some Rapids once on a air mattress and dang, it bruised my ass up. Wasn't nothing left but the pillow. 🤕

  12. First video of you that I have watched and i just hit subscribe! And I dont do this often! You're amazing and funny 😂🤣 keep it up! Blessings

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