Flat Earth is a Demon Doctrine exposition – including key phrase that blows their garbage apart

The key word that undoes the
flat-earther’s Scriptures twisting that the earth is flat. Now this discussion
I’m doing here is not going to be scientific per se. It’s relaxed so I’m
not going to be providing a lot of data but neither are they when you really
look at the arguments that some of these flat-earthers have concerning
their – what they believe is a solid argument that the earth is flat by the
Scriptures. Now as you see I am addressing a certain type of Flat Earth
believers. It’s those who uphold this belief on the grounds that the Bible
supports that the earth is flat. And I am here to share with you, while the
information is fresh in my mind, the falsehood of this theory, this belief,
this approach, to the level that they even have t-shirts that they have
printed up, with purportedly 240 Scriptures that they claim supports the
Bible’s proving the earth is flat. And the reason I’m doing it now is because I
am coming to the end of making a little music video for my song DIY Bibles. Now
that song I hope, God-willing, in a few days to have it posted on my channel. And
as one of the visuals that I made to get my message
across – and the song really isn’t about Flat Earth, but what it is about, is about
how people do twist Scriptures – and and one of the many examples, a little scene,
maybe about four seconds long, I use the example of a Flat Earth believer. And
having to look for the visuals and everything, it may mean visit the
websites of some Flat Earth believers. They even have a what they call it Flat
Earth Society. And I’m talking about Flat Earth organizations, or people, or
persons, within the United States. I’m not talking about in other areas of the
world. I’m talking about Flat Earth upholders in the United
States. And I came across one that purported 240 Biblical Scriptures
supporting that the earth is flat. Well, it’s a perfect example of what I’m
conveying in my song, because when you really look at the Scriptures, you see
that it is a classic example of Scripture twisting. Now my song it
represents people who take Scriptures and twist them from for various
different causes. And I found that the Flat Earth was one good representation
of many different ways people do twist Scriptures. And, as I said, it’s just like
about 4 seconds in the song. But in order to do that 4 seconds, it made me visit
websites having to do with the Flat Earth and refresh myself on their
arguments. Now their arguments are classic example of twisting of
Scriptures. And they based on the fact that out of the lair of the devil, that
the people are not going to go past the superficial and look down into the real
meaning. In fact, some things are just plain out exaggeration. Well, really,
when you take into context what they’re trying to argue – and really what they’re
trying to do is they’re trying to take a tremendous mass that is the size of the
earth – now the earth is 24,000 some odd miles in circumference, just like a
baseball has a measurements of its circumference. Now the flat earthers, some
of the Flat Earth people have taken Scriptures, like they’d like to take – and
I’m looking off to my computer when I do this – Isaiah 40 verse 22 that God
is enthroned above the circle of the earth – and they want to force,
really, they are distorting by stubbornness that that circle plainly
means a disk. But a circle, by the word itself, not only can mean a disk, but it
can also mean a sphere, a spherical object a, a globe. You see they are just
piecemealing the information. They are twisting it, just to prove and make their
point, by concealing the wholeness of the information. So the Lord’s… when you look
into the Scripture itself, it’s not saying that it’s a disk. In no
places it’s saying that it — the circle is a disk but it is a circle. To give
you an example, here is a ball, a little ball that I have, a tennis ball.
It’s circumference – put my mouse down – its circumference, this is the
circumference right here. It’s clearly demarcated with this line. It has a
particular measurement. Now when that that particular Scripture is saying that
the Lord, he sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, if I took this, if he
sat enthroned above the circle of this ball, he will be above this. This
next one is pretty lame. They want to take the Job 38:18 “have you surveyed the
extent of the earth” and somehow make that itself – that there’s an extent of
the earth – meaning that the earth is flat, when it’s again a ridiculous twisting.
It’s like my telling you, “Have you surveyed the extent of this ball?” and by
saying that I’m making some kind of nonsense point that it’s flat!? No, I’m
merely saying, “Have you surveyed the extent?” There’s an extent to this. You go
from one end to another end of the circumference, you’ve come to the extent
of it. Okay, another one that they like to take is Proverbs 8:27 where it
says that he established the heavens, I was there, when he drew a circle in the
face of the deep. Face, in this context, is the surface of
the deep, it’s ground, which was never stated – just look over this Scripture – in
no place is it stated that this surface, this face, was flat, but, in fact,
inferred that by calling this, defining this as “the deep”
that it had depth and volume. And, once more, they are contorting this verse to
make it seem God took out an office pen, perhaps a Papermate, for they write
smoothly, and drew like a man a two-dimensional circle, on a
two-dimensional face. Once more, they’re adding things going outside of the
Scripture and into their own minds what they want to prove, and in a way say it
defiantly, bold and willfully, as Peter would say, that their perception is the
finality of that verse. And this is one of the big verses that they are touting
proves, proves the earth is flat; when all it proves that they’re bold and willful,
and they take things out of context, and add things that are not even said there,
and they’re thinking like men! They’re saying a circle, a two-dimensional circle
God drawing, and a conventional way. This alone shows the ridiculousness of the
foundation of this doctrine. The other one that they like to go to, as one of
their strong ones, is Job 38 verses 4 to 5, where the earth was measured with a
line, and they append “comma not a curve”. Well, that’s their appending, that’s their
twisting. Job 38 4 to 7 – where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements, surely you
know! Or who stretched the line upon it? On what were its bases sunk, or who laid
its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God
shouted for joy?

7 thoughts on “Flat Earth is a Demon Doctrine exposition – including key phrase that blows their garbage apart

  1. Hi Sister Vivian🤗🥰🌸🌺🌷. Glad to see your video. Well done, (only half thru, but good job!:))). God's got this and it's awesome you love Him. (It's me, Bettina, and sending you prayers for strength, joy and hoping you're singing, I haven't heard nor seen a video from you in awhile, hoping and believing you are blessed:))). Yes, man plans, but God decides. Proverbs. Jesus is Awesome and I truly believe Father Jehovah is totally in control, and Let us who believe, call out, yes, Lord, Thy will be done. Keep smiling, stand firm, and yes, it's ok to have a bit fun to refresh thyself, so you can continue our part in this battle. Yes, agree with you, this pearl of a planet is round and not flat. The only thing flat is the limited thinking of beings who dont open their hearts and minds to God's Love. Hugs to you and yours, with prayers of protection and God's love. Lies abound but God conquers, nothing can change The Truth, but God, though He is unchanging and Perfect, He can change the hearts and minds of people, we believers must do our part and pray unto The Lord. Btw, the book of Job is amazing. I love how God clearly sets it all straight for Job and us, and still doubly blesses Job for praying for his friends. Bless you, Vivian. 🥰🌸🌺🌷💞❤️🌹💖♥️❤️. (I accepted a long time ago that I don't have to understand it all, not defend it all to others, but I do have to Trust and Believe God is in Control. I try to skip the scoffers, but I try to pray for them too. Some are not going to embrace Him, that's so sad, but we keep asking God's Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

  2. É preocupante que muitos não tenha esse tipo conhecimento das coisas de Deus; e hoje em dia muitos não ver essa questão com a visão segundo a Palavra de Deus. O conhecimento no mundo aumentou, mas também em engodo de satanás na mente das pessoa. Nosso adversário sempre quis ver as coisas do alto e por cima de todas as coisas e cima do Deus Todo Poderoso como se fosse um olho onipresente que tudo ver que pode estar acima de tudo e todos de qualquer lugar, e sempre de um olhar de cobiça do alto, sempre olhando para baixo da base (terra plana) da pirâmide e ver pessoas com suas mentes subordinadas e como se comportam com às suas mentiras na vida do homem, e sem distinção com quem fica em embaixo; satanás despreza o conhecimento de Deus, mas ele próprio cai por terra com ele mesmo nas Escrituras Sagradas numa confissão dele própria em Jó 1:7. "Então o Senhor disse a satanás: Donde vens? E satanás respondeu ao Senhor, e disse: De rodear terra, e passear por ela." Nesse verso, não diz dele andar em linha reta ou num lugar de um plano de um única direção, mas de circular em todas direções da terra, de passear; nesse própria passagem bíblica subtenente que satanás confessa que a terra não é plana, assim como em outras que a irmã mencionou na Palavra nesse vídeo. Só que satanás ele veio para matar, roubar e destruir a mente humana e também distânciar às pessoas do conhecimento de Deus. Obrigado,irmã Vivian, a Paz do Senhor Jesus Cristo !

  3. Boa noite irmã Vivian. A paz do SENHOR JESUS Cristo pra todos vcs irmãos em CRISTO JESUS amém

  4. Doutrina demoníaca é a da terrabola e do heliocentrismo, você é uma pessoa má e cega.
    A Terra é plana porque Deus a fez assim, dentro das águas e com um Domo e com um sol e lua pequenos que Deus criou somente no quarto dia.
    E a Terra é plana porque não existe curvatura, e não pode haver uma bola sem curvatura. Ponto final.

  5. Flat Earth Bible Supporters: Those defenders of flat earth who obviously have not looked through my video. If you don't recognize my material and look it through I will not recognize your comments as well. There are still some flat earthers who want to make the earth as small as a tennis ball and argue theories that water won't stick to a spinning ball, ignore the earth is exponentially massively beyond such a size and the laws of gravity of such a sphere, and other nonsense arguments that prove nothing to make such a point for or against the shape of the earth such as how the word sphere was not used as well in some points in the Bible, when also the word disc, or straight or flat were not used either. There is a whole picture and I present that whole picture in this video, including following in the footsteps of the more noble Berean and examing the Scriptures in truth, as well as present personal verifiable tests any can do to get proof against a flat earth but supporting a round earth. I know there are a lot of flat earth supporters as the Bible indicates many will turn away from the truth and wander off into myths, and perhaps from that the dislikes will overrun the likes, but if so, it will only be a testament to the number of people caught in this delusion.

    Apoiadores da Bíblia da Terra plana: Aqueles defensores de terra plana que obviamente não olharam através do meu vídeo – Se você não reconhecer meu material e olhar através dele eu não reconhecerei seus comentários também. Ainda há alguns terrenos planos que querem fazer a terra tão pequena como uma bola de tênis e argumentam teorias de que a água não vai grudar em uma bola giratória, ignorar a terra é exponencialmente massivamente além de tal tamanho e as leis da gravidade de tal esfera, e outros argumentos absurdos que não provam nada para fazer tal ponto a favor ou contra a forma da terra, como a palavra esfera não foi usada também em alguns pontos da Bíblia, quando também a palavra disco, ou reta ou plana também não foram usadas. Há uma imagem inteira e eu apresento essa imagem inteira neste vídeo, incluindo seguir os passos do mais nobre berean e examinar as Escrituras na verdade, bem como apresentar testes pessoais verificáveis que qualquer um pode fazer para obter provas contra uma terra plana, mas apoiar uma terra redonda. Eu sei que há muitos apoiantes de terra plana como a Bíblia indica que muitos vão se afastar da verdade e vaguear para mitos, e talvez a partir disso os desgostos vão dominar os gostos, mas se assim for, será apenas um testemunho do número de pessoas capturadas nesta ilusão.

    Partidarios de la Biblia de Tierra Plana: Aquellos defensores de la tierra plana que obviamente no han mirado a través de mi video. Si no reconoces mi material y lo miras a través de él, no reconoceré tus comentarios también. Todavía hay algunos partidarios de la tierra plana que quieren hacer la tierra tan pequeña como una pelota de tenis y argumentan teorías de que el agua no se pegará a una bola giratoria, ignorar la tierra es exponencialmente masivamente más allá de tal tamaño y las leyes de gravedad de tal esfera, y otros argumentos sin sentido que no prueban nada para hacer tal punto a favor o en contra de la forma de la tierra, tal como la forma en que la palabra «esfera» no fue usada tan bien en algunos puntos de la Biblia, cuando también la palabra disco, o recta o plana tampoco no fue usada. Hay una imagen completa y presento esa imagen completa en este video, incluyendo seguir los pasos del más noble Berean y examinar las Escrituras con la verdad, así como presentar pruebas personales verificables que cualquier persona puede hacer para obtener pruebas contra una tierra plana pero apoyando una tierra redonda. Sé que hay muchos partidarios de la tierra plana, ya que la Biblia indica que muchos se alejarán de la verdad y se desviarán hacia mitos, y tal vez de eso los disgustos invadirán a los gustos, pero si es así, sólo será un testimonio del número de personas atrapadas en este engaño.

  6. Contending for truth should never be with disdain of those who believe otherwise. Once upon a time the belief of a flat earth was regarded as right. Then came the heliocentric 'scientific' discovery. The earth spins on its axis and rotates around a gigantic star which God chose to call sun.
    When the Son of Man shall return to earth, the Bible says every eye shall see Him. (Rev 1:7, Mat 24:29-31). How is that possible?

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