FlexScape LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

It’s not often in the landscape lighting world
that we come across a single product that can handle multiple applications and do it
well. One exception is the FlexScape LED from Philips Hadco. What makes the FlexScape LED
so versitle is the ability to adjust the light level and the beam spread in the field at
the installed fixture, because of this flexibility you can dramatically cut down the number of
different fixtures needed for any job. You can rest assured that you’ll have the
ability to fine tune the look of the project after installation rather than forcing a change
in design and cost. The FlexScape LED is available in 2 all weather housing options. The first
is a stake mounted uplight constructed of rugged die-cast aluminum and comes in both
black and bronze powder coat finishes. It has a 150 degree adjustable knuckle arm giving
you precise aiming capabilities and is perfect for lighting trees, walls, and other design
elements within a landscape. In places where a more discreet fixture’s
preferred, such as a pathway or turf area the FlexScape LED’s available in an in-ground
well light and can be installed directly into turf, soil, or hardscape. The housing is composed
of a robust high-pressure injection molded polymer and carries an ingress protection
rating of 68. This means the product can sustain continuous submersion in up to 3 feet of water.
The light source is a long lasting Philips Luxeon integrated LED with and L70 rating
of 50,000 hours on the highest light output. That’s 17 years of daily operation at 8 hours
a night. Because the fixture’s designed around the LED it provides superior thermo management
and moisture protection. This is why Philips Hadco is offering an exclusive
life time warranty on FlexScape products sold through Ewing Irrigation Products. As I mentioned
earlier, both the light levels and the beam spread can be adjusted to best suite the application.
The Philips Luxeon LED produces from 110 to over 700 lumens. With a simple turn of a Philips
head screwdriver you can select from 4 preset light levels of 10 watt, 20 watt, 35 watt,
or 50 watt halogen equivalencies. All within a single fixture. Using the zoom dial, the beam spread can be
adjusted from a narrow spot of 15 degrees, to a medium flood of 35 degrees. If a wide
flood light is needed, each light comes with an additional lens that can be easily swapped
out to increase the spread to 60 degrees. Wide floods are great for wall washing, sign
lighting, and illumination of subjects that are wider than they are tall. The in-ground
wall option also has a specifically designed heat sink that can be tilted 15 degrees forward
or backwards. Giving you additional control of the beams direction. To swap out the lens on the up-light you must
first remove the shroud. Which comes off by pressing down and turning it counterclockwise.
This is also how you access the zoom dial in order to adjust the beam spread. Next,
take out the zoom ring and swap out the existing lens for the desired lens. Making s re that
the concave side is facing down. Switching out the lens in the in-ground housing works
much in the same way, except you must first remove the lens ring. Which is attached with
3 Philips head screws. As you can see, the FlexScape LED from Philips Hadco is well suited
to provide a simple, low cost way to bring beauty and drama to any landscape be it residential
or commercial. For more information contact your local Ewing
branch or visit us online at ewingirrigation.com

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