Floating Solar Ecosystems Help to Bring Polluted Rivers to Life

Three rivers in Chennai are considered to
be dead because all three are highly polluted so we have sewage which flows directly into
the river and we have a lot of solid waste that’s being dumped on the banks of the river. I’ve heard stories from my mum & grandmum
where they went on boat rides on the river and where they swam in the river. so there’s still hope to clean the river and restore it. Because it is out there in the river powered
by solar it just continues everyday treating the wastewater for 200 people. If you imagine this on a larger scale you
can see what a difference this could make to a polluted waterbody. It is important to remember that the pollution process is incremental because it also reminds us that the restoration process is also incremental,
and every little part of restoration that we achieve is a part of reversing that trend
of degradation and it can snowball on the restoration process just as things have snowballed
in the contamination process in the past, and that’s why the education and really doing
strong technical interventions to prevent pollution and carry out bioremediation in-situ
are so powerful and important because they can empower and motivate the wider restoration
process. Preventing and intercepting the inflows of
pollution, and restoring and planting of the riverbanks, re-planting and restoring of the watershed
in general, and then bioremediating in-situ in the waterway. By putting one of these out there in the water
and demonstrating that we can actually draw in this pollution and treat it and discharge
clean water back to the river we are making a strong statement that we’re standing up
for the restoration of this water body and it’s not ok to put in more pollution and that
this one is on the path to recovery, you know it’s not a lost cause anymore.

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