Floating The River In Lava Hot Springs, ID

Hi! This is Scott with another Home Hotel
helpful video. A lot of times people ask us how to float
Lava’s river. We’re renting tubes in Lava Hot Springs. This business is called TPD Tubes and you’re right next to
where people put into the river. Very convenient! So you have tubes for four persons . . . [people making noise on the river] For your own safety wear protective
clothing such as shorts shoes pants . . . wear lifejackets, remove loose items. This
river has rapids waterfalls, sharp rocks . . . [people making noise on the river] Do not go over up waterfalls, or do it at
your own risk. Enter river across from the parking
lot by the Hot Pools. Did you have a good time? “Yes” Awesome! Where did you start? Where’d you get in
the river? “Second waterfall” You skipped the first waterfall.
Good idea! How long does the ride take? “10-15 minutes” Are you going to go again? [Yes!] Alright! So you have to be a little careful when
you’re out there. Okay so finally a few things to remember . . . 1st, wear closed-toe shoes so you don’t hurt
your feet. Wear the life jackets, don’t do the waterfall, walk the river
before you float the river and finally, number five: have fun! [people making noise on the river]

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