Flood After Fire with Audio Descriptions

-California -California can experience
extreme wildfires. [sizzling] Did you know that burned land and hillsides increase our risk too dangerous
mud flows? You see without trees, plants, and brush to absorb rain, the water bounces off slick scorched soils. Instead of soaking into the earth,
rain flows fast down charred hillsides taking whatever is in its path with it. If you live downhill of an area affected by fires,
you are at risk for flooding. Know your risk and be prepared. Have an evacuation plan, have an emergency kit,
and make sure you have flood insurance. Neighborhood schools, roads, and highways
have all been impacted by floods after fire. Make sure your flood ready. For more information,
visit FloodPrepareCA.com – A smiling family stands in front of hills and palm trees.

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