Flood damage on a hill

THE HEAVY RAIN CAUSED A LARGE ROCK TO TUMBLE… LEADING TO WHAT SOME DESCRIBED AS A WATERFALL. W-Y-M-T’S CALEB NOE TALKED TO ONE FAMILY WHO SAYS LIVING ON A HILL, THEY NEVER DREAMED THEY WOULD SEE WATER RUSHING AROUND THEIR PROPERTY. OFFICIALS SAY IT’S NOT NECESSARILY THE AMOUNT OF RAIN … BUT RATHER, HOW QUICKLY FELL. “Culverts seem to have stopped up all over the county. We’re getting in there, with the road department out right now, clearing the culverts, and clearing the ditches out, to let the water back through. We’ve also got several trees down around the area, but we’re working to clear those as well.” ONE SPOT THAT SAW MAJOR EFFECTS OF THE FLOODING WEDNESDAY EVENING, WAS ON PAULA DRIVE, IN PINEVILLE. WE’RE TOLD, A LARGE ROCK WAS BLOCKING A CULVERT. “I got down, and I just couldn’t budge the, probably, 400 pound rock in there.” CREWS CAME, AND REMOVED THE ROCK … BUT NOT BEFORE RUNNING WATER CAUSED SUBSTANTIAL DAMAGE. “I felt like I was in a waterfall. It was just rushing down, and the first thought, I was like, I hope this slows down. It’s going to be in my house soon.” “Some who live in the area say they’ve never seen anything like it around there; and they never expected that type of damage from a flood, especially since they live on a hill.” “I mean you live on a mountain. Who thinks you need flood insurance, living on a mountain.” WITH MORE RAIN IN THE FORECAST, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT OFFICIALS WILL BE ON STANDBY FOR THE NEXT DAY OR TWO. “We’re going to clear as many ditches and culverts that normally stop up, and make sure they stay un-stopped, and just work from there.” AS MOTHER NATURE CONTINUES TO OW HER FORCE. IN BE COUNTY, LEB NOE, WYMT MOUNTAIN NEWS. SOME WHO LIVE THERE, WERE ACTUALLY OUT-OF-TOWN, AND FOUND OUT ABOUT THE DAMAGE TO THEIR HOMES, THROUGH PHONE CALLS AND PICTURES. IN WOLFE COUNTY… VOLUNTEERS

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