Flood Insurance Rates

The recent flooding in Louisiana, Iowa and even in our area has some people locally asking if flood insurance rates will be impacted. The National Flood Insurance Program. or N-F-I-P. was created as a result of the National flood Insurance Act of 19-68. The program offers special flood insurance policies for homeowners, renters and businesses. N-F-I-P is managed by FEMA. The flood plain manager for La Crosse says both agencies operate on an annual budget. and people in La Crosse do not have too much to worry about. for now. :10. You won’t see immediate increases on your flood insurance this year based on the flood events that are local here.” There are about 4-thousand homes, businesses and garages in the city of La Crosse located in a high or medium risk floodplain. Those people are required by federal law to pay for flood insurance. if they carry a mortgage.

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